Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Childhood Home

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Where did you grow up?

Complicated question for those of us who didn't stay in one spot, but I'll focus on my elementary school years.

I grew up in North Carolina. My first couple years as an elementary school child were spent in Winston-Salem, and the rest were spent in Wilmington. I moved to Florida in 1989 when I was eleven, and so my middle school years were spent in Sarasota and my high school years were mostly spent in Tampa.

In Winston-Salem I went to kindergarten and first grade, and we had a nice two-story house with an above-ground pool in the back yard. The house was really great and I shared a room with my younger sister. And then we moved to Wilmington and got a ranch house on a pretty large property--we had a pretty decent-sized front yard and a really big back yard with a shed and trees and a place for our pool and a bike trail and all this space. I got my first best friend who lived down the road from me, and I lived only two houses away from my school so I'd walk to class every day (and could play on the recess playground whenever I wanted).

I don't remember it being particularly cold, but we did have snow sometimes. I guess I was just used to it. In the summers it was warm enough to swim, and I do recall some family days where we had to rake leaves. And in Wilmington we lived close enough to the beach to visit it sometimes.

I think of my childhood in North Carolina as a pleasant time--I liked growing up there, though obviously I don't have anything to compare it to. :)

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