Saturday, April 25, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: April 18 – April 24

Life news this week: 
  • I sold another story! WOOHOO! My short story "On the Inside" has been accepted by James Gunn's Ad Astra. They only publish one issue a year and I got in. :D It's an alternate-world fantasy and the protagonist is a trans girl, though I don't use that terminology in the story. I'm happy it got picked up because this is only the third time I've sent it out. :X
  • Over the weekend I made a little video contribution to help Asexual Outreach with their funding for the upcoming conference. I'm still undecided about whether I'm gonna go to that though. :(
  • I wasn't very productive this week because I've been knocking out some behind-the-scenes stuff for my trip and also watching far too many cartoons. Still catching up on some Adventure Time episodes that I hadn't seen and I watched Bee and PuppyCat with Jeaux which was . . . incredibly weird and highly recommended.
  • Jeaux and I ate at Flippers and I had not pizza and not pizza, which is weird because it is a pizza restaurant. (Jeaux also did not have pizza.)
                Places featured:
                        • Please read the Invisible Orientation: I just thought this was cute. Someone on Tumblr was enthusiastically recommending my book and they got really excited when I made a comment sort of acknowledging and thanking them.
                                    Reading progress:

                                    New singing performances:

                                    Here I'm singing "This is What It Feels Like" by Armin van Buuren. It was requested by Reeny. :)

                                    New drawings:

                                    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0519: "Check For Smiles."

                                    Webcomic So You Write Issue 46: "Know Your Audience."

                                    New videos:


                                    New photos:  

                                    My victory cupcake for getting a short story published.
                                    I'm picking up a five-gallon water bottle at work. 'Cause I'm a superhero.

                                    Social media counts: YouTube subscribers: 4,506 for swankivy (12 new this week), 449 for JulieSondra (2 new). Twitter followers: 641 for swankivy (2 new), 924 for JulieSondra (12 new). Facebook: 279 friends (befriended Brayn) and 160 followers (1 new) for swankivy, 546 likes for JulieSondra (3 new), 54 likes for Negative One (no change), 104 likes for So You Write (1 new). Tumblr followers: 1,937 (48 new--I don't know why).

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