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Long Fiction

Bad Fairy

Fantasy: Fairy tale retelling featuring the bad fairy of Sleeping Beauty as the protagonist. Delia is a precocious half-fairy girl who struggles to find acceptance in fairy school. Her struggles as a socially inept magickal prodigy are detailed in the first book in a trilogy. In the second book, Delia carves out a life researching the land of the dead and finds herself masterminding a plan to forge a bond with the king's heir, but ends up getting blamed for cursing the princess.
Status: Book 1 completed at 115,000 words. Book 2 completed at 97,000 words. Book 3 planned.

Finding Mulligan

New Adult Romance/Fantasy: Cassie travels to a dream world when she sleeps, where she lives a second life as a carefree girl named Dia. When Dia falls in love with the mysterious dream boy Mulligan, Cassie tries to find him in the waking world, but ends up being confused over which of two possible candidates to pursue. She has to struggle with her two identities before she can figure out her romantic life.
Status: Completed at 120,000 words.

Stupid Questions

Science Fiction/Romance: Nick is interested in pursuing a relationship with the enigmatic Summer, a girl with superpowers in a world that’s never heard of such a thing. He struggles with the baggage from his previous relationships while trying to have a down-to-earth long-distance romance with a girl who can fly.
Status: Completed at 103,000 words.

In Bloom

Young Adult Science Fiction: Fifteen-year-old Kamber can't imagine herself in the future her family wants for her. In the culture of the alien Kinfolk, adulthood is synonymous with motherhood, and Kamber's struggling with the expectations of her race because she loves girls the way she's "supposed" to love boys. When the new girl at school is really cute, really gay, and really interested in Kamber, she has to choose: will she disrespect the promises her race maintains with an alien goddess, or will she explore the kind of love Joanne can show her? Or is there a way she can mix tradition with revolution?
Status: In progress at 100,000 words, paused.

Ace of Arts

Young Adult Contemporary: Megan's always been into drawing, but when an opportunity to go to art school lands in her lap, conflicting advice rains down from all sides. And as if that wasn't confusing enough, a boy named Brady who by all rights should be her mortal enemy becomes her best friend. Exploring potential with him leads to revelations about her sexuality--Megan learns she is asexual, but romantically attracted to girls--and struggles with how a boy-space-friend fits into that. Not to mention that her home life is threatening to destroy everything she wants, and trusting an unlikely ally may be the only way to salvage the one thing she's learned to be passionate about.
Status: In progress at 12,000 words, paused.

Joint Custody

Middle Grade Contemporary: Bay is a sensitive kid with divorced parents. Searching for the meaning of “home” in a life that’s always in flux between Mom’s house and Dad’s house, he takes solace in a borrowed intact family: his neighborhood friend Marz is happy to share.
Status: In progress and on hold at 18,500 words, not actively writing, but maybe not abandoned.

Long Nonfiction

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality

Lifestyle/Sexuality: This book explains what asexuality is, discusses what it is not, and debunks common misconceptions as well as providing resources and advice for asexual people and those who want to understand them.
Status: Published by Skyhorse Publishing/Carrel Books, September 2014, 70,000 words, represented by Andrea Somberg.

Short Fiction

Short story titles: After She Comes Along, Aquarius, Baby Talk, Bad Fairy, Bloom, Brady, Clouds, The Curse, Dear God, Derika & Emily, The Escape, Everyone's Gay in Space, Final Verses, Glass Dawn, Goodbye, Grace, Her Experiment, Her Mother's Child, In Love With Love, Just Like Stephen, Modern Goddess, Modern Goddess 2, Moonlight, The Mother, Mother’s Day, No Longer Junior, On the Inside, Problem Recipe, Protector Cat, That Story About Fortune Cookie Girl, Uncle Avery’s Garden, Wind, Your Terms. Link list here.

Short Nonfiction

Published article titles: Asexuality is Not Antisexuality; Sexual Attraction vs. Romantic Attraction; Are Asexuals Queer?; How to Be an Asexual Ally; Why Should the Sex-Positive Community Promote Asexuality Awareness?; Asexual Relationships; Asexuality and Sexual Fluidity; Enjoy Your Houseful of Cats; Asexuality and the Health Professional; Asexual, Aromantic, Partnerless, Childless - and Happy; Asexuality is Not a Diagnosis; Ten Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who's Asexual. Link list here.


So You Write: "A Webcomic About Being a Writer." Short toons about the writing life, incorporating autobiographical situations and writer-relevant humor. Art is hand-drawn manga style panels in color.
Status: Ongoing, updated irregularly/monthly, free on the Internet.

Negative One: "The Ordinary Lives of the Extraordinary." Ongoing long-form story webcomic featuring five first-person narrators. Meri Lin tries to raise a baby with superpowers; Adele travels from another dimension to find a student to teach the art of prophecy. Art is semi-realistic pencil sketch.
Status: Ongoing, updated Fridays, free on the Internet.

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