About Me

Julie Sondra Decker: The Author Stuff

I write. It's pretty important.

Since I'm a serial rambler, the novel medium is the one that called my name. I've written ten novels and have a few others in progress or planned. I've also written more than two dozen short stories, a lot of rants and essays, a nonfiction book, a bunch of articles (some of which are published), and some hilariously bad poetry.

I also do webcomics. I'm the author of Negative One (a long-form fantasy webcomic) and So You Write (a strip-style toon with writing-related jokes).

Julie Sondra Decker: The Activist Stuff

I'm pretty well known as an asexuality awareness activist. I write articles on this mostly invisible orientation and sometimes I get interviewed in mainstream magazines or radio or even movies. I keep an up-to-date listing of my speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances on my main site's media page, and a list of my published articles is available there too.

My nonfiction book on the topic, The Invisible Orientation, is represented by Andrea Somberg of Harvey Klinger. It was published by Skyhorse Publishing/Carrel Books on September 2, 2014.

Julie Sondra Decker: The Non-Writing Interests

I like drawing, singing, playing Dance Dance Revolution, gardening, reading, writing book reviews, playing with websites, literary criticism, asexuality awareness activism, tennis, making YouTube videos, baking, riding my bicycle, talking to friends, arts and crafts, science fiction and fantasy, manga and anime, playing with babies, fairy tales and mythology, unusual music, animal rights, musicals and stage shows, ping-pong, outer space, karaoke, journaling, feminism, dreams, candles, cartoons, fat activism, solitude, webcomics, personality analysis, imagination, queer rights, environmentalism, Halloween, humor, inspiration, long hair, Copic markers, nature, nostalgia and documentation, and discussion of paganism and atheism.

Julie Sondra Decker: The Personal Details

I’m forty-four years old, not interested in dating or marriage, and not planning to have children.  I’m an aromantic asexual woman, a vegetarian, a natural blonde, an eldest daughter, a soprano, a good speller, an editor, and a creativity junkie.  I’m 4’11″ tall; I type well over 100 words per minute; I live in Florida, USA; I don’t know how to drive; I have Russian, Hungarian, German, and French heritage; half of my family is from Jewish roots and the other half is from Catholic roots; I live alone in a two-bedroom apartment; and I graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 with a Bachelor’s in  elementary education and a psychology minor.

Julie Sondra Decker: The Blog

In case you were wondering, "In Propinquity" is this blog's title because I nicked it from a quote in Keith Miller's fantastic book The Book of Flying:

"But keep characters in propinquity long enough and a story will always develop a plot."


  1. I've done that with books too. Get sucked in. Just say No!

    Are your reviews still posted somewhere? I'd love to read them to see what you thought. I love reading good reviews that legitimately pick apart books for real reasons.

  2. Having recently spoken with you on omegle, it is REALLY cool to read a whole blog of stuff from your mind. Like, really cool, connecting the dots and seeing new ones. I'm having small internal giggling fits about how cool it is.