Saturday, April 18, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: April 11 – April 17

Life news this week: 
  • Well the big event was going to Minnesota and presenting my talk on asexual/aromantic/demi/gray inclusion in LGBTQ+ spaces. Now there's a video! But to be honest I don't think I did that good a job. There were a bunch of things I meant to talk about and I just skimmed over them because I was tired. I wrote more about the whole trip here in this blog entry.
  • Finally got to see my dear Mommy again on Saturday. She came over and we ate GrillSmith food (because we're predictable), and we just hung out chatting and I showed her some photos.
  • I watched some more cartoons that other people have been recommending to me. I caught up some on Adventure Time (which I already liked), saw the rest of Gravity Falls (which I liked but was kinda disappointed in), and a couple episodes of Over the Garden Wall. Still haven't found something I'm in a weird rut about like Steven Universe though. That show is incredible. :D
  • I read one and a half books on the plane rides and also got several frames done on my webcomic. I felt like I used my traveling time wisely!
  • Going back to work was kind of a bummer because we had been competing for two big projects and it turned out we'd lost them both. Ugh. Well, back to the drawing board.
  • Jeaux and I ate at Moe's and listened to Night Vale, and we talked a lot about cartoons because he's as big a geek as I am. Also he got me some Steven Universe comics from the comic store and I'm gonna die. :D They're so cute!
New reviews of my book:
                Places featured:
                                    Reading progress:

                                    New singing performances:

                                    Here I'm singing "As Long as You're Mine" from Wicked. I tried to make it a solo version even though it's really a duet song.

                                    New drawings:

                                    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0518: "That Person Now."

                                    New videos:

                                    "Ace/Aro-Spectrum Inclusion in LGBTQ" talk at University of Minnesota

                                    New photos:  

                                    Here's me right before I took the trip to Minnesota, watching people swimming and thinking about going someplace cold.

                                    Airport coffee: a necessary evil.
                                    The Spring Pride flier in the queer student cultural center room.
                                    Flags in the center!

                                    More flags--the asexual flag is there!
                                    Lots of queer books!

                                    They seem to have a great queer library.
                                    I was wearing a shirt with Steven Universe characters on it and everyone there kept complimenting me on it and stuff so I was like . . . I'm not gonna change into my other more professional shirt now. :D (I should have figured that the queer kids would like these gals.)

                                    Giving my talk here.
                                    Happy in my hotel room.
                                    And here are my haircut comparison photos.

                                    Back, February 2014
                                    Back, April 2015
                                    Front, February 2014
                                    Front, April 2015

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