Saturday, April 4, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: March 28 – April 3

Life news this week: 
  • It was kind of an eventful week, leaving me very little time to do anything in my creative life (though I still managed to do a little bit of writing). I spent a lot of the time in between just trying to breathe and read and watch cartoons and stuff.
  • Saturday was Drink and Draw. We had a fairly small crowd and I got to hang out with Eric and get some of my comics done. (I usually have to post the new issue of the fantasy webcomic every Friday, but since I had Friday night plans, I had to get it done ahead of time!)
  • Sunday I did some writing, and Monday I spent a fair amount of time that would have been better spent elsewhere analyzing cartoons on a blog entry, so read it and make me feel like it wasn't a bunch of rambling nobody saw. ;)
  • Had to bake cupcakes on Tuesday night and do a bunch of reading for the book club book I hadn't finished. And then Wednesday, which is usually Jeaux Day, I had Jeaux over with Victor and Tia and we played Cards Against Humanity. (First time I ever played, and it was fun; I came in second. Jeaux won!) We had big pizzas and lots of fun. And it was Tia's birthday. I got my very belated presents from them for my birthday too.
  • Thursday was book club and I hated the book we read so I was kind of sullen about having spent all that time reading it, haha. Except for one person who didn't finish the book because he was bored, it seemed like I was the only one who like really, really hated it. We ate at a restaurant called Holy Hog where I had side dishes (macaroni, fried okra, french fries).
  • And Friday I WENT TO SEE WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE WITH JEAUX and it was pretty super great. The musical guest, Dessa, played some pretty awesome pieces at the beginning, and then the presentation was a goofy murder mystery dinner theater plot. Everyone was adorable. Especially Carlos's terrible accents, lordy. Jeaux and I also snacked on Five Guys food before the show and hung out at my place watching cartoons after the show (mostly getting started on Gravity Falls because I want to know what it's about and Jeaux likes that show).
Reading progress:

New singing performances:

Here I'm singing "A Groovy Kind of Love" by Phil Collins.

New drawings:

Webcomic Negative One Issue 0516: "A Lot of Nuts."

New videos:

This is 10 Quick Tips to Jump-Start Your Writing, which teaches you some ideas to begin or get back into writing if you're stuck.

New photos:  

My eyeballs in a café before Drink and Draw.
Eric stole my heart-shaped sunglasses. So dainty.
Me at Cafe Hey with Eric's Drink and Draw poster.
Me with my Night Vale tickets, makin' the Internet jealous.
Hideous selfie with Jeaux at the Night Vale event.
Music was Dessa. Sweet!
Carlos and Cecil discuss murder mysteries.
Deb is a sentient patch of haze that wants you to drink Aquafina.
Tamika Flynn in the house.
And Night Vale cast!

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