Saturday, November 3, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: October 27 – November 2

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I mostly just did a bunch of housekeeping--book reviews, updating photo galleries, and blogging. Other than that, it was a pretty low-key day and I didn't do a lot--I just wanted some time to rest. Also the drawing I did at Drink and Draw the previous day, I had posted it on the Steven Universe Amino and they featured it on the front page, which hasn't happened in a little while, so that was neat.
  • Sunday I got up late and hung out at my outdoor table for a long time answering messages and reading. Also made some delicious apple bread for my co-worker because he gave me apples and I figured I could thank him with apple bread. (I wrapped one loaf for him and prepared one to share with the office.) Beyond that, just did laundry and karaoke and stuff.
  • Monday wasn't terrible even though we had a last-minute letter to finish at work. The co-worker I'd made apple bread for did not come to work because he'd had a heart attack and was in the hospital, so yikes. I prepared my NaNoWriMo page (viewable to other participants who are logged in) and committed to doing the program. And I really wanted to eat a veggie burger but had no burger buns, so I made some from scratch and got to have what I wanted.
  • Tuesday was typical at the office, and I got a ride home and had another veggie burger. I updated some of my fan things, like my t-shirt collection picture since I got two new shirts, and then I took some new photos of my Halloween costume.
  • Wednesday was Halloween! I wore a shiny pumpkin shirt and a witch hat to work, and I brought my Pumpkin plushie. No news at the office. Jeaux picked me up and we picked up Which Wich? sandwiches, then went back to my house so we could be there to receive trick-or-treaters. I only got a few though. I answered the door in costume, wearing a Steven mask, and one parent knew who I was. :) We watched our shows in between kids, and then did grocery shopping. After he left I packed my suitcase for Phoenix.
  • Thursday was NOVEMBER FIRST, which meant I had to start writing my novel! I've never done NaNoWriMo before so this is exciting. And I did indeed start it, and I did manage to meet the minimum word count goal for the day. (They set a goal for if you write 1,667 words a day, you will have 50,000 words by the end of the month. Pretty reasonable!) At work I did some utility updates, but only worked a half day because I had a lot to do. I went home early, finished up some stuff for Phoenix, and helped my mom with a few things because she needed to go see this financial planner thing and she didn't know how to get there or what to bring. After all that it was pretty late and I needed to be up super early to catch a plane, so I finished up posting my webcomic and finalized my packing.
  • Friday I got up at 3:45 AM and got a Lyft to the airport. Plane rides were uneventful; I had coffee and worked on my novel on the first plane, ate a breakfast burrito in Houston (accidentally ate an onion! blechh!), worked on my novel more on the second plane, and landed in Phoenix practically before I left. Haha. The hotel let me check in early so I did. I did some practical stuff and decided to go out to lunch, and found out Fred was nearby getting his suit fitted, so he met me at P.F. Chang's for lunch and I got to see him! We caught up and ate, and then he had to go do errands and I had to go take a nap, so I did that. Then he picked me up for the rehearsal dinner! I got to watch him and his fiancée Kathy practice the ceremony in a beautiful Catholic church, and then we went into an adjoining room to have our dinner. It was catered and very tasty, good salad and awesome potatoes cut in the shape of mushrooms, with apple cobbler and ice cream for dessert. So good! I made a new friend and chatted to her almost all night, and it was so cool to see Fred and Fred's family! Can't believe he'll be a married man tomorrow.
New reviews of my book:

  • Alex gave it a five-star review on Goodreads, just offering a quote from the book as a review.
  • Allison Janicki gave it a four-star review on Goodreads, calling it informative but a little dry, but appreciating the occasional humorous comments.
  • Paul gave it a three-star review on Goodreads, including the book in a YouTube October wrap-up starting at 2:42. Paul wanted to read it because with all the people starting to identify as asexual these days, it's helpful to understand the terms.
  • "Amazon Customer" on the UK Amazon site gave it a one-star review saying it has good info but is too "patronising towards sexuals."

  • Articles, Interviews, Mentions:

  • aprilinparisfanfic's Instagram cites my book as a primary research source for their writing.

  • inqueertime's Instagram credits my book as a great source of information for people interested in asexuality.

  • Reading progress:
    • Finished this week: Nothing, super busy.
    • Currently readingSiddhartha by Hermann Hesse.
      New singing performances:

      This week's song was "Hands" by Jewel.

      Stuff Drawn:

      Webcomic So You Write Issue 89: "Never Say Never."

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0703: "Dark Shape."

      New videos:


      New photos:

      Made hamburger rolls!
      Bonding with Pumpkin, wearing my new Sadie Killer and the Suspects shirt

      Is 44 shirts enough?
      Garnet costume, full body!

      Garnet costume with gauntlets!

      Garnet costume doing heart hands!

      Garnet costume with accurate gemstones!
      Garnet costume with Pumpkin

      Garnet costume chillin' with Pumpkin

      Me in my costume comparing myself to a toy

      Giving my Steven plushie a ride

      Hanging out with my Steven plushie
      At work wearing a witch hat, with Pumpkin
      Airplane selfie! Going to Phoenix for a wedding, so I wore my Ruby and Sapphire wedding shirt.
      Airport coffee in Houston
      Cacti selfie in Phoenix
      Kathy and Fred at their rehearsal

      Wedding party at their rehearsal

      More wedding party at their rehearsal

      Couple laughing at rehearsal

      Fred and Kathy at rehearsal dinner

      Me with the happy couple

      Social Media Counts:

      YouTube subscribers: 5,249 for swankivy (lost 1), 680 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 970 for swankivy (3 new), 1,350 for JulieSondra (no change). Facebook: 296 friends (no change) and 203 followers (lost 2) for swankivy, 650 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 58 likes for Negative One (no change), 146 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,519 (2 new). Instagram followers: 160 (no change).

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