Saturday, November 10, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: November 3 – November 9

Life news this week:
  • Saturday was Fred and Kathy's wedding! I woke up super early because, well, east coast time, so I had a bunch of time to work on my blogging and eat breakfast in the hotel before I got ready and went to the church for the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony even though I didn't know the Catholic stuff, and I kept unexpectedly crying at all the little things. The officiant was a nerd and told a Dungeons and Dragons story during the ceremony, haha. Afterwards, I went to the reception and the food was yummy, the cake was yummy, and the company was lovely even though I didn't know anyone (I sat with some people who are connected to Kathy through church). I left kind of early (right after the cake) because I had an early flight, but I still had some time to get some writing done before going to sleep.
  • Sunday I was up super early (before they even started breakfast downstairs) so I could get a Lyft to the airport. The flights I was on were both crowded (one to Atlanta, one to Tampa) so I couldn't really do any writing on the plane. Did some reading though. Got home at a reasonable hour, unpacked, and did my usual Sunday stuff (but didn't feel like finishing laundry). Had to do some maintenance on my water system too. Managed to slide in with some writing before bed.
  • Monday had me back at work well before I was recovered, but I survived. I did some website updates, and later did some writing and posts about comics.
  • Tuesday I didn't go to work. Helped Mom with a couple things and made sure she was on time for a meeting, haha. I met with my friend Arthur to watch cartoons but he had to leave early so we only got to watch four episodes, but it was fun and we ate Thai food. After he left I finished my writing and made a video for a group project on asexuality I was asked to participate in.
  • Wednesday I woke up later than I wanted, and I had to go to work late to give me time to read the new Steven Universe comic because I am a huge nerd. (I took a Lyft instead of the bus so I wouldn't be really late.) I worked on a letter and some report stuff for two of my co-workers. I had a really annoying argument with someone on Tumblr who thought they could correct me on something I wasn't wrong about. It's hilarious when people think they know more about cartoons than me. Nyah. Then Jeaux picked me up and we ate at Fuzzy's, got comics, and went to my house to finish off Madoka and watch some Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Woo! After he left I quickly wrote a chapter. :)
  • Thursday I did some writing, helped my co-worker with some more report stuff, and did not argue anymore with any jackasses on Tumblr. I got stuck at the office until after 7 PM because the bus kept not coming and I didn't want to wait in the dark, so I waited for my co-worker to get off so he could take me home. I usually talk to Victor but he had fallen asleep so I didn't talk to him, and I finished some writing and then fell asleep early myself.
  • Friday I helped two of my co-workers scramble for a submission, and then I got to spend the afternoon finishing my comic and writing my book, plus I did a cute drawing for the folks on Amino.

Reading progress:
    New singing performances:

    This week's song was "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey.

    Stuff Drawn:

    A sheet of random Garnets I doodled while waiting for my co-worker to drive me home

    Welcome to Fusion Beach, with your hosts Rhodonite and Garnet, pull up some sand and stay a while

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0704: "Transparent."

    New videos:


    New photos:

    Hotel breakfast!
    My wedding outfit, minus the jacket
    Wedding outfit selfie
    Program for wedding!
    The couple walks in!
    Couple during the ceremony, laughing
    Beautiful--it's the kiss!
    And the night wouldn't be complete without cake.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,252 for swankivy (3 new), 680 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 968 for swankivy (lost 2), 1,352 for JulieSondra (2 new). Facebook: 296 friends (no change) and 205 followers (2 new) for swankivy, 652 likes for JulieSondra (2 new), 59 likes for Negative One (1 new), 146 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,523 (4 new). Instagram followers: 159 (lost 1).

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