Saturday, November 17, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: November 10 – November 16

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I finally got to laze around and get some energy back. I did a lot of work to get my stuff in order to post my blogs, did my NaNo writing, and also talked to my dad who said my grandmother's health is bad, so I made plans to go see her.
  • Sunday I sat outside to answer messages and got some laundry done. Did my writing, drew a picture, cleaned up the place, tried to relax.
  • Monday was a chill day at the office because it was a holiday at the DOT, so we didn't have any letters to go out. I did some printouts and got a ride home. Then I spent the entire evening drawing a very silly fan comic that doesn't make sense to people who don't watch the show but was very well received on Tumblr.
  • Tuesday I had a shit day. Various fires to put out, letter to go in at the office, had to talk to Mom and help her with stuff she doesn't know how to do, etc. I then met my friend Arthur and he took me home and ate Thai food with me, and we watched Steven Universe. I'm finally done showing him the whole show; we usually don't get through too many episodes at once but he kept asking for more, so we finally got to the end. Wow. I then drank a bunch of coffee so I could get through finishing my writing and cleaning up some crap at my house.
  • Wednesday I worked a half day because I had to help Mom again with some paperwork for her financial adviser. She drove me to work after! Yay! I had a pretty chill day again but it was lots of little things. Jeaux and I had breakfast for dinner, went shopping, and watched the Madoka movie. Yikes, I like the TV series better. After he left I finished up my writing and fell asleep.
  • Thursday I took the day off to go see my grandma. My dad took me out for Perkins and we had some long chats catching up, and then we spent a pretty short time with my grandma. I was glad to get to see her even though she is not able to be responsive really. Just got to talk to her and see her. It would've been longer but the staff wanted to take care of her bathing and stuff after lunch, so we left. We stopped for sushi and talked about music and other stuff, and then I worked on my book, talked to Victor on the phone, and drew part of my webcomic.
  • Friday I was back at work. Again it was just lots of little things to take care of. And I apparently got a raise, which is super great. My co-worker took me home and I got my writing done, listened to a podcast about Steven Universe and wrote it up for my blog, and then had to scurry through the rest of my webcomic because the podcast took too long. I almost didn't make it because my computer also decided it doesn't want to use Microsoft Word anymore, so I had to figure out why, uninstall the update that caused the problem, and go from there. Argh!

Articles, interviews, mentions:

  • There weren't really any this week BUT I did find something that was posted a while back that I hadn't seen before. There's a comic dub on YouTube of one of my fan comics, as in, the fan did the voices and showed the pictures I drew, speaking the characters' dialogue. I did give this fan permission to post this but they had also said they were going to send me the link when they did, and they never did. Here's the link if you want to watch it--they did my Ruby Booty comic.

New reviews of my book:

  • Laura gave it a five-star review on Goodreads (in Spanish), saying it eased the reviewer's doubts.
  • Jalen Lyle-Holmes gave it a three-star review on Goodreads, especially liking the gray areas and human relationships bits.
  • Elisabeth gave it a three-star review on Goodreads, pointing out that they liked the info but found it repetitive and wished for more personal accounts.
Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: I was too busy this week for reading, didn't even start!
  • Currently readingThe Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca by Kerr Cuhulain.
    New singing performances:

    I didn't actually get around to doing a SingSnap performance this week, but I did randomly post a (hidden) karaoke cover of "That Distant Shore," a lovely song from Steven Universe. You can listen, but the recording's not great.

    Stuff Drawn:

    Cat People
    This is the first panel of a comic that won't make sense
    to people who don't watch this cartoon.
    It's called Did I Mention Quartz if you want to click through.

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0705: "So Mature Before."

    New videos:


    New photos:

    Just a nice pride of Lions for ya.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,251 for swankivy (lost 1), 682 for JulieSondra (2 new). Twitter followers: 970 for swankivy (2 new), 1,354 for JulieSondra (2 new). Facebook: 296 friends (no change) and 204 followers (lost 1) for swankivy, 653 likes for JulieSondra (1 new), 59 likes for Negative One (no change), 147 likes for So You Write (1 new). Tumblr followers: 2,522 (lost 1). Instagram followers: 161 (2 new).

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