Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Habits at Home

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: When it comes to keeping your home clean, what are your bad habits?

My home is very nice and neat most of the time. I keep my house neater than probably at least 95% of the people I know. 

Probably the two worst habits I have with regard to keeping my house clean are leaving dishes by the computer and throwing my art all over the floor.

Since I do a lot of work on the computer, I often eat there, so there's almost always a plate on the desk unless I basically just cleaned up. Sometimes a coffee cup too. 

And the art ends up on the floor because I draw a lot and the markers will get scattered all over the place, and when I scan the art to show on the Internet, it'll get thrown on the floor for a while before I put it away in whatever folder it goes in. Sometimes if I'm not in the mood to sort the drawings they'll end up in a stack on my drafting table.

I have an issue with dust building up because I have so much stuff, but that's not that bad.

Oh, and the hairballs. I have long hair so when I shed the hairballs can start to collect and I don't vacuum very much. 

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