Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: One Year Ago

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: How different was your life one year ago?

August 22, 2017. That specific day, I was typing transcripts for my job and putting Steven Universe builder toy sets together.

A lot of things were the same, but I was in a very stressful period of my life. I was less than a month away from moving into my new home and was struggling to find time to pack, and had just been approved for the house I ended up renting. My mother had just been hospitalized for several days and I had stayed with her in the hospital to keep her company and was happy to see her eating again. And we hadn't known it at the time, but a big hurricane was on its way to thwap us and my mom was about to fall down with no explanation, break her nose, and spend the duration of the storm in the hospital, separated from me while I stayed in her house.

I was living in my old apartment with very noisy upstairs neighbors, so I was not getting decent sleep, and I was looking forward to finally getting away from their terrible obnoxious behavior but dreading the upheavals associated with moving and unpacking. 

My job was essentially the same except for the bus ride.

I was about the same amount of worried about my mom's health.

I was doing more ukulele practice and recording than I am now--I haven't done new stuff in a while. I'm just busy and tired. 

I was probably doing the same amount of art.

I was definitely doing the same amount of not writing anything new. 

My friend Jeaux had just gotten hired for a new job but hadn't started there yet. He had not yet bought his car, so we hadn't quite yet developed our routine of going grocery shopping together. I was still shopping on my bicycle. I haven't ridden my bicycle in almost a year.

My grandpa was still alive. I miss him now.

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