Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cleaning house

The house I'm renting is extremely big.

It's way bigger than what I need, which is a sentence I didn't think I'd ever say.

First off, since it has a garage, some of the stuff I want to keep but don't need to have inside is storable in there. The washer and dryer hookups are also in the garage so I don't really have a choice to have those machines take up space in the house.

I've begun a project to finally Clean My House. It's an ambitious project because a) house is big, as mentioned; and b) I haven't really cleaned it since I moved in last September.

Here's the thing. I'm extremely tidy.

I also don't have kids or pets.

So my house basically gets three kinds of dirty:

  1. Dust
  2. Hairballs (from me, shedding, because I have long hair)
  3. After a party

I don't have that many parties and when I do have them I clean up straight away so there's not like, this lingering party grossness.

I figured at least the dust and hairballs, and assorted potential spider webs and dead bugs that inevitably appear behind and under furniture, would have manifested themselves at this point and I'd be running into them. But despite having gotten through three fourths of cleaning my living room yesterday (it's a big room, I burned out), I ran into ONE very small dead bug and ZERO spider webs.

And I mean. I'm pulling furniture away from the wall and sweeping the baseboards. I'm cleaning the blinds. I'm taking all the books and doodads off shelves and dusting everything. I steam-cleaned my freakin' chair. How the heck isn't it dirty really? 

Tonight I'm planning to do the final wall (which is where there are a ton of books and media to sort out), but I'll also probably get around to the sweeping and vacuuming. Hopefully. I'm hoping I can steam clean some other stuff too. (I own a couple different kinds of steam cleaners. One is so cute and little! You can use it to do all kinds of neat stuff, but it's made for small upholstery and steaming random stuff. It's really not for carpets.)

After the living room, I am planning to hit the kitchen. I am expecting there will be some appreciable grossness there, right? RIGHT??

If not, I swear maybe I am being followed by fairies.

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