Saturday, July 7, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: June 30 – July 6

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I had a successful day knocking EVERYTHING out. I finished my So You Write webcomic, did my blogging, and hung out with my friend Kari to watch cartoons and catch up. She's doing pretty well, seems like! We had a great time eating pizza and talking, and watched Steven Universe episodes 19 through 26. And a post I made on Amino got featured again--it was a singing video. :) I took a Lyft to Drink and Draw and drew some fanart, and hung out with my great friends. Arthur and Yasmin showed up which was awesome! But Joy didn't, which was sad. Arthur drove me home so I didn't even need to pay for my ride home.
  • Sunday we had some awkwardness with our Queer Brunch situation. There's been some drama--the original host broke up with their partner and now the brunch is under new management, so we weren't sure how we felt about attending. Yaz had to work anyway so Arthur and I just gave up and decided to watch cartoons. We watched Steven Universe from episode 53 to 62. After Arthur left I called my friend Sarah while doing laundry, posted a funny comic I'd finished from Drink and Draw, and redecorated my house for summer. And then I drew a picture for Monday's NEW EPISODE OF Steven Universe.
  • Monday was a little frantic at the office--we had multiple letters to finish and send, and it turned out my co-worker and I missed one of them and never prepared it. Boo. But after work, Jeaux picked me up, which is weird for Monday but we arranged it this way for the ENTIRE WEEK because Cartoon Network scheduled five new episodes of Steven Universe to air this week, one every day. He took me to his place and we ate veggie dogs and chips. We watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine until cartoons were on, and then enjoyed the new SU episode "Now We're Only Falling Apart." Oh no! My favorite couple! :( Jeaux and I talked theories and observations, and then he took me home. I drew a picture for the next day's episode and watched some reactions on YouTube.
  • Tuesday I took some precautions so future letters don't slip through the cracks, so that shouldn't happen anymore. I also got some time to respond to comments. Jeaux picked me up and we decided this would be our restaurant day, even though we usually do it Wednesdays, because we didn't want the July 4 holiday to impact our restaurant-going. We got food at Oriental Express, and I couldn't believe I ate it all--egg drop soup, two sushi rolls (one avocado, one cucumber), and a spring roll! Then we went to Jeaux's house, bided our time with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and watched the new SU episode "What's Your Problem." I was really surprised that I cried at this one since it didn't have any of my known soft spots. Amethyst is so cute. :) I went home, made some GIFs, and watched some reactions.
  • Wednesday I woke up kind of late but it didn't matter because I had the day off for the holiday! I spent some time drawing a picture for the day's episode, and also preemptively got some drawings done for my webcomic. Jeaux picked me up after work (he had to work) and we went to his house for tomato soup and boats, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the new Steven Universe episode: "The Question." It was cute: lots of Ruby, new song, weird cowboy stuff, and an on-air marriage proposal between a same-sex couple??!!??!!!Aahhhh. Wow. We attempted to watch fireworks from the top of his parking garage, but a really big building was in the way. Oh well. Jeaux took me home and I drew a picture of the characters in wedding clothes for the next day.
  • Thursday was sort of a slow day at the office, but I kept myself busy. After work Jeaux and I went grocery shopping but I didn't buy anything. Then we went back to his house, I briefly talked to Victor on the phone (yay! been too long), we watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and ate fake chicken nuggets and tater tots, and then the new cartoon came on: the episode was "Made of Honor." Wow! Tied up a lot of stuff, plus cute wedding planning stuff ahhhhh. Jeaux took me home and I called Victor back while drawing my next day's picture.
  • Friday I got my reports and timesheets done, and then after work Jeaux picked me up for food--this time, finally, we had frozen pizza. He and I watchedBrooklyn Nine-Nine again and then finally the week's final cartoon episode, "Reunited," came on (and it was a double-length one because it was special). It had a cute song and I still can't believe I got to see a gay wedding on Cartoon Network. (I cried a lot about it.) And then there was a lot of action on the cartoon too, because there always has to be drama. (If you're interested in checking out a gay space rock wedding to see how they handled it, you can watch this clip, but it's super spoilery so I would recommend not watching it if you ever plan to watch the show.) After the cartoon I had to go home and finish posting my webcomic, but I got it done and then played on the Internet a lot looking at everyone's reactions. All the cartoon fans and especially the LGBTQ fans are so excited! What a great week!
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    This week's song was "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia.

    Stuff Drawn:

    So many drawings this week because of new Steven Universe! Okay, so, first, here's a link to a four-panel comic called Magic Kisses that's goofy:

    Comic: Magic Kisses
    And now the daily drawings for the new episodes:

    "Now We're Only Falling Apart"
    "What's Your Problem"
    "The Question"
    "Made of Honor"

    Webcomic So You Write Issue 84: "Influence."

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0686: "Consistent."

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    No new videos.

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    There weren't any photos of note this week.

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