Saturday, August 20, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: August 13 – August 19

Life news this week: 
  • Well this week has been weird because my friend Jeaux had surgery and I was there helping him and as a result of this saw him every single day this week. Beyond that I haven't done much besides work and be tired.
  • Saturday my mom was supposed to come over so we could go pick out glasses frames for her, but it turned out she didn't feel up to it, though she eventually came over and took me to Michaels to get my new Steven Universe poster framed. (Jeez! The framing cost more than the poster, and the poster wasn't cheap!) I did all my blogging and picture processing stuff before my mom came over. And she brought a frozen french fry meal that we ate together! After she left I just reveled in laziness.
  • Sunday was actually pretty productive in contrast to Saturday. I made a new video, did some karaoke, edited the video, did laundry, subtitled the video, processed a new writing comic, did dishes, redecorated my house, and sent a couple short stories out for submission. I also posted a few drawings, texted with my friend lil Ronni, and prepared my house for Jeaux to be there for a couple days because he was planning to stay with me while recovering from surgery.
  • Monday was pretty weird to be honest. I had the day off work and didn't sleep the night before. My mom was going to take Jeaux and me to the hospital but I worried she wasn't coming when I couldn't get her to answer the phone or any texts to make sure she was on her way, and we were going to be late, so I got us to the hospital in an Uber and then found out my mom showed up a little later. (And she was mad that I hadn't waited.) So at the hospital I waited with Jeaux and helped him pass the time until they dragged him off to the operating room. Then I did some reading in the waiting room until his operation was over.
  • Jeaux did pretty well in the surgery and my mom came by to take us to my place. There I set him up on a mattress on the living room floor so he could play video games on my TV. (He'd brought his PlayStation.) I just hung out with him and observed him to make sure he was okay. He would have to have a big piece of gauze taped over his nose for the next week and he had to change it when it got bloody. I made his dinner and helped get stuff he needed because he wasn't allowed to bend over or do much activity. We had some good times hanging out except that he had just had surgery and had to keep changing the nose thing, heh.
  • Tuesday Jeaux stayed at my house while I went back to work. I brought home some more stuff he needed and we ate pizza together! We also listened to Night Vale and watched cartoons. He decided to go home that night and we got an Uber again. It's pretty cheap and convenient! I helped him take his stuff up the stairs (he's not supposed to climb stairs but he lives up there, so). And then I went home and drew a picture.
  • Wednesday I made my own extremely nerdy test on Sporcle. It's a quiz to test you on your knowledge of Steven Universe storyboarders, and no one is ever going to play it because it is the nerdiest thing in the world. Maybe I should make a more general quiz that people will actually want to play, haha. After work I brought some PDQ food and some soda to Jeaux, and we had a Jeaux Day in his apartment. He had set up his futon cushion just like the mattress I'd given him in front of the TV to play games. We didn't really do anything, just talked and saw a few silly things and I drew pictures.
  • Thursday work was busy, and it's probably going to be busy for a while to come--hope I don't get overwhelmed. Then I went to Jeaux's for the new Steven Universe episode, "Buddy's Book." We're back to weekly! Kind of a relief really. That's a lot of emotion to deal with when it's every day. :P When I got home I discussed the episode with friends online, talked to Victor on the phone, and got some webcomic stuff done.
  • Friday was more busy stuff at work. Jeaux needed mustard and bottled water for one of his treatments and more soda and paper towels, so I brought that stuff to him after work and went home. Finished my comic and did some relaxing.

New reviews of my book:
  • None.
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
  • None.
Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: Nothing, but I'm almost done reading the book I'm reading. I'll probably finish tomorrow and stop being such a slacker!
  • Currently reading: Dumplin' by Julie Murphy.
    New singing performances:

    This week's performance was "Asleep" by the Smiths

    New drawings:

    My old-timey Gems doodle from "Buddy's Book."

    Webcomic So You Write Issue 62: "Slipped Through."

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0588: "Time Away."

    New videos:

    New video on my writing channel, "Misunderstood Genius," is about people who think they're not getting published because the world is not recognizing their genius.


    New photos:

    Me with my first love: candy.

    Jeaux's game at my house while he's recovering.


    And the haircut comparison photos:

    Front, February 2014
    Front, August 2016
    Back, February 2014
    Back, August 2016
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