Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday Factoid: Sleeping Position

Today's Wednesday Factoid is . . . What position do you sleep in?

Good question, I'm not awake to tell you so I'm not really sure. I actually change my sleeping position a lot--I don't have just one that I like. Sometimes I just crawl into bed and lie on my back and just snooze. Sometimes if I'm reading before bed I'll put the book aside and just smush into the pillow face first and fall asleep that way. Sometimes I like to sleep on my side hugging a pillow. I'm not picky. It might be partly because I used to do a polyphasic sleep schedule thing that required naps throughout the day and I learned to sleep anywhere.

One thing I do know about my sleeping is that I don't move very much under normal circumstances and I have what my friend called a "pixie snore." LOL.

Also, sometimes I like something on my head or covering my head when I'm sleeping. I'm weird. 

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