Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions: Querying

Here's a kind of cop-out post where I'm just sharing with you the video version of part of a blog post I made on this same blog so.

It's about the not-so-frequently asked questions querying authors often have, including the following:

  • How many agents should I query at once?
  • How long is an average response time?
  • How do I respond if an agent wants to see part or all of my book?
  • Oh God, why am I so nervous? Why is this the hardest letter I've ever written?
  • What if all I'm getting are rejections?
  • What if I sent a partial or full manuscript a while ago but then I edited it and it's better now? Should I send them my updated version?
  • How do I handle approaching remaining agents if one offers representation?
  • What if an agent wants me to make changes to my book and try again?
  • If I get a rejection from an agent, should I reply?
  • What if I get an offer from an agent I don't want to represent me?
  • When can I list them as my agent on my blog and in my Twitter profile and stuff? I'm dying to tell everyone!
  • What if they seem interested but they refer me to an editor I have to pay for or promise representation for a reading fee?
  • What does it mean if the agent wants to call me?
  • Can I talk about my agent search online?
  • What's your one piece of advice to an author newly querying agents?
I'll do the other part of the original blog post--not-so-frequently asked questions about being on submission--in my video next month!

Enjoy. :)

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