Saturday, December 13, 2014

Personal Digest Saturday: December 6 – December 12

Life news this week: 
  • Feeling somewhat better but hacking up a couple of lungs over here! It gave me an opportunity to try raspy karaoke at least.
  • A couple people have mentioned seeing the Maclean's article that I was in but darn it I can't seem to get my hands on it (because it's only in some parts of Canada), so I have no idea what it says. I hear an online version will be up next week but it'd be nice to know what it says before that happens.
  • I accepted a blogging position at Psychology Today and this is my "expert" profile, but I haven't blogged yet. I've written my first post for the most part but I want to think about it a bit before I release it. It will be a post about medical and psychological professionals needing to be responsibly educated about asexuality because of the trust our society puts in them for good or for ill; how they have failed asexual people in the past; and how they can support us in the future. Uh but they want me to blog topping off at like 800 words per entry so . . . I don't want to get carried away. Also need to figure out illustrative images.
  • Awesome news: My book is going into reprints! The first printing sold well so they ordered a whole second print run in hardcover. And my paperback release seems to be aiming for October 2015. Wheee.
  • Got to chat with my sister P on the phone on Saturday. Plans are coming together for their holiday visit!
  • My cute little mom and I were texting at 4 AM and she just decided to come over. That happened on Sunday. It was so nice just hanging out with her during the wee hours, seeing the sun come up, and then going out to breakfast and a couple errands with her. :)
  • I got all my Christmas shopping done in a weekend. I'm amazed at myself.
  • My webcomic hit 500 issues this week. That means 500 Fridays without missing a single issue. That's almost ten years. I didn't do anything special because I'm too tired. But, like, Negative One is a pretty cool little thing. If you like it, maybe give it some love this week to make me kinda think people still read it. If you don't read it yet, well, it's pretty obvious you have a very long, consistently updated story to keep you busy, should you be the kind of person who enjoys slice-of-life fantasy webcomics featuring very unusual people who don't generally stop villains or save days.
  • I submitted a couple items to magazines this week--a queer science fiction story and a query about whether another magazine might want a nonfic piece.
  • Decided on the recipe for the banana cake that I will be baking for my ADORABLE NEPHEW ASH on his first birthday next week. He is going to love this nummy cake!
  • My fire alarm kept beeping and waking me up in the middle of the night this week!!!!! RARGH!
  • Jeaux Day was weird this week because he wasn't waiting for me at the bookstore when I got there (and his bike wasn't there) so I went shopping but he still wasn't there so I called him, called him again, e-mailed him, rode around to see if I could see him anywhere, and left him another message. Then went home. He showed up at my door like 2 minutes later. He'd had trouble crossing the street and we apparently just kept missing each other. We weren't mad though. We ate at Five Guys and watched Korra and seriously just kind of sat around looking at dumb things on our computers.
  • I'm starting to get holiday presents! So far the presents have arrived from Ronni, R, and Natalka. I think I'd rather save the photos for a present post though. Wannabe present-givers can buy crap off my Amazon list if they want! (The sidebar has different categories of stuff and you can pick.)
New reviews of my book:
        • Review Fix posted a review of my book. This is distinct from my interview there--just a review of the book. Nice comments!
        • Ace, Ace, Baby (an asexuality blog) got a review copy from my publisher and did this reflection on it.

                Places featured:
                  Reading progress:

                  New singing performances:

                  Here I'm singing "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge! I coughed and hacked all week so my voice was pretty scratchy, and I figured I could make an attempt at her singing style.

                  New drawings:

                  Webcomic Negative One Issue 0500: "Referee."

                  New videos:

                  No videos this week! I have one planned though.

                  New photos:  

                  I'll save my gift photos for a collective post, but here's the banana cake I'm going to make for my little baby nephew. Doesn't it look TASTY???

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