Saturday, April 30, 2022

Personal Digest Saturday: April 23 – April 29

Life news this week:

  • Saturday I tried to replace my toilet seat but the attachments were the wrong size, dangit. Almost lost my mind when a comic book I've been looking for for five years popped up on eBay (and it was cheap!). I bought it and rejoiced. Worked on blogging. Then Mom came over when she said she would! We had pizza and caught up on a bunch of stuff. She didn't leave until like midnight. After she left I caught up on Amphibia and read a liveblog.

  • Sunday was band practice. We had an excellent practice focusing on songs we want to do for open mic and a couple alternates, plus some extra fun stuff. Dad took me and Connie to Applebee's after (they had Impossible burgers!) and we went back home. Took my trash out and got hit on by a dude in a Trump hat. Did laundry and took a nap. Shared some music. Dug up some old letters to use in a video.

  • Monday work involved three letters and a fifty-five-page proposal. Lots of editing! After work I worked on Negative One (early, because I have to get two comics done before I go out of town!) and worked on a podcast recording. After a quick nap, played with my friends at game night. Drew more, put laundry away, and fell asleep early.

  • Tuesday was busy! Knocked out more editing for the big proposal in Connecticut and did some utility docs, with data entry in the afternoon. A guy came to pressure wash my house and he did such a good job! He even fixed my fence. Talked to Meg and P on Polo, worked on Not-So-Giant Women podcast and Negative One, recorded a Letters video, and tried to fix my sink because it was clogged. No go, it's really clogged. Took some photos of merchandise.

  • Wednesday I hosted a utilities meeting with no drama. Then had a bunch of work to do afterwards. Did some letter updates and busy stuff too. After work I did some more comic work and talked to Tony. Jeaux took me to the grocery store and we got Moe's food. We watched Owl House and Colbert and took a walk. Processed the Letters video.

  • Thursday there were a couple more meetings (one marketing meeting, one utility-related meeting) and a bunch of reports. Nobody was responding to my clogged sink maintenance request a day later so I called about it and apparently the maintenance guy never received the work order. I tried to negotiate about it. Had some trouble with processing my Letters video but finally got it posted. Drew a lot of pictures. Victor called and we talked about pizza, meat, TV, pizza, meat, and why women don't want to have men comment on their butts in public. *shrug*

  • Friday the nice maintenance guy woke me up before my alarm coming in to fix my sink (before 8 AM!). That was great but he couldn't fix it and said he'd be back with a snake, but he never came back and nobody told me that they were going to have to get a plumber with a longer snake (I had to call about it and apparently I'm just out of the loop). At this point I'm pretty sure it's just not going to get fixed before I go out of town. I spent the work day busy with utilities, reports, and data entry. After work I finished my writing comic and talked to my sister.

New Reviews:

Health Plan Update:

  • Weight stuff: I was happy with my weight stuff this week, seeing it mostly stable, no big changes. High weight: 117.1. Low weight: 115.3.
  • Nutrition stuff: Balance between fats, carbs, and protein continues to be really good this week, but I had a high-fat week because of pizza and cheesy mashed potatoes. A little better with greens and fruits. Vitamin-taking continues.
  • Activity stuff: I met my step goal every day this week. My low day was Monday at 10,037 steps, and my high day was Friday at 12,858 steps.
    Books Read: 

    • Finished Reading: Nothing this week.

    • Currently reading: Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. I'm on page 104.

      New singing performances:

      This week's karaoke song is "I'd Love to Change the World" by Ten Years After.

      Stuff drawn:

      Webcomic So You Write Issue 131: "Wasted Potential." 

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0885: "Fix It." 

      New videos:

      Letters to an Asexual #90 (Letters FROM an Asexual) is out. It's about revisiting old letters from detractors who made condescending and ignorant predictions--people who were SURE asexuality was a phase or a fake, and were very nasty to me about their certainty that I would change--and I write letters back to them now that time has made their position look very foolish.

      Not-So-Giant Women #34 is out. Join Daria and Ivy as they watch and talk about "Watermelon Steven" and cover such topics as the Universe men's watermelon tricks, Rose's past use of the plant ability, Beach City's money, the Gems' new abilities, the surprising difficulty of fighting the watermelons, American television and its take on soft blasphemy and violence, judging Steven for eating Baby Melon, and Greg and Steven's wholesome bonding.

      New photos:

      Cool green spider on my mailbox!

      Social Media Counts: 

      YouTube subscribers: 5,410 for swankivy (lost 5), 673 for JulieSondra (lost 1), 17 for v & V Vids (no change), 140 for Not-So-Giant Women (no change). Twitter followers: 923 for swankivy (lost 3), 3,067 for JulieSondra (31 new). Facebook: 297 friends for swankivy (no change), 637 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 82 followers for Negative One (no change), 236 likes for So You Write (no change), 89 followers for Not-So-Giant-Women (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,458 (lost 2). Instagram followers: 243 (no change).

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