Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Insult to Pet Name

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do any of your loved ones use technically insulting terms to refer to you with love? Are any pet names that are applied to you actually demeaning or offensive terms, but become words of friendship or affection when uttered by specific people in your life?

Wow, well that's a loaded question!

I think everyone does this though. I like this question because I think we really don't think about how much we do this, but almost everyone I know has really deeply insulting terms for their favorite people.

I've been affectionately called "bitch" and "ho" regularly by certain people in my life, and one of my friends opens conversations with me sometimes by reminding me how much he hates me.

My roommate from college, John, and I used to engage in an extreme form of this. He's gay and I'm Jewish, and we would lovingly call each other the absolute worst things you could call someone with those backgrounds. (On the rare occasions that we speak to each other nowadays, he still calls me a very rude word for genitalia.)

And sometimes I call my friends losers, dorks, nerds, sluts, or queers. They like it.

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