Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Opening Night

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: When a movie you want to see is released, do you scramble to the theater on opening night, or do you wait for it to be released for home viewing, or something in between?

Ugh. This applies to so few things that I don't really know how to answer. In practice almost all the time, there just ARE no movies that come out that I MUST SEE ON OPENING NIGHT, and in general I will refuse to enter a theater on a movie's opening night because it's unlikely I'll even have a good experience watching it if it's full of enthusiastic viewers.

But the thing is? The only reason I am responding this way is that I can't imagine being in a situation where I Must See It Now. If there WAS something I was super into and I didn't want to get spoiled and wanted to be able to talk about it immediately with other fans, I think I would brave the crowds. It just so happens that the main thing I'm into with that level of enthusiasm does not HAVE theater releases, and if I try to imagine that it did, I have to admit I'd be there.

In general, if there's a movie I really want to see, I MIGHT go ahead and see it in the theater but it's rare. If I see two movies in the theater every year, that's a lot. And most of the time movies are someone else's idea, so I'll end up seeing them when someone comes over and logs into their Netflix account to show me something I never got around to seeing. 

I also like to buy things I enjoyed on DVD though. :)

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