Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Watch

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind? If not, what timekeeping method do you use, if any?

I guess it's getting more typical these days to not wear a watch. I don't.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone and can easily glance at it to find the time, and that's how I do it. But I must admit that if you need to know the time regularly, having it right there on your wrist is more convenient than digging out your phone and turning it on to see the time.

I spend a LOT of my life in front of a computer so the time is always in the lower right corner for easy access while I'm working. But when I'm not, I do generally use the phone for time. I think I would use a watch if I had one I liked as a piece of jewelry, though--if I liked how it looked as a bracelet and it was also functional. (I might consider wearing a watch if I found one I liked. It might be a fancy classy one, or it might be a chunky cheap plastic one. Just depends on what kind of mood I'm in.)

When I was in middle school, Swatch Watches were the big fashionable item. I had one.

And in high school, my timepiece was far from fashionable, but I loved it: it was a stopwatch with Animaniacs characters on it that I ordered from a Life cereal offer with four box tops and some cash. I used to wear it around my neck.

I had a series of other watches in college. Mostly I'd like a watch and wear it until its battery ran out and then I would buy a new style instead of replacing the battery. (I still have a lot of those sitting around.) 

Here I've got a plastic Animaniacs wristwatch.
And then in my post-college job at the bookstore, I had to keep track of the time pretty meticulously because of break-scheduling, so I always had a watch. During that time I almost exclusively wore clip-on keychain-style watches on my belt loop.

It was at the tail-end of that job when I got my first cell phone so after that my timepiece was always the phone. 

I'd kinda like to go back to wearing a watch just for fun. :) 

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