Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Hate and Love

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What's something you hate that everyone hates? What's something you love that everyone hates? What's something you hate that everyone loves? What's something you love that everyone loves?

Hello. . . .

I hate / everyone hates:

MOVING, probably. Almost everyone hates moving. Packing, humping the stuff to a new place, unpacking . . . I don't know too many people that like moving, though I guess there are exceptions.

I hate / everyone loves: 

I guess drinking. Obviously not "everyone" loves drinking but I do not care for alcohol. I have no policy against it and I have no reason built into my past or my family to hate it. I'll drink a little here and there if it's, like, someone left wine in my fridge or there's a toast at a gathering. But I generally don't deliberately engage in drinking and won't order it at a restaurant or anything. People seem to think this is super bizarre. I just went to a party for the end of our office at work and two of the folks there were urging me to get a drink and quizzing me about why I don't like it. I just . . . don't really like the taste and don't like how I feel if I drink. That's really it. (Plus it's expensive, not great for your health, and high calorie, so it's not like there's any good reason to do it if you aren't enjoying it.)

I love / everyone hates: 

Hot days. Especially in Florida everyone complains about the heat, about burning up, about overheating, about sweating. I don't really have those problems because my tolerance for heat is SO high (while my tolerance for cold is laughable). So I really like nearly 100ºF weather in Florida where the air is practically liquid, or at least I don't really mind it. (Not a fan of exercising in it, but I love the cozy feeling of hot suffocating air. Yeah, I'm weird.)

I love / everyone loves: 



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