Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Birthday Gifts

So I know a few of the birthday gifts I'm going to receive have not yet arrived! But I'm still doing a birthday post and I guess I will do a cute little follow-up sometime when I get those, whenever they come.

Speaking of which, let's do the follow-up on my holiday gifts that I received after I did my holiday gifts post.

For the holidays:

Gift from Fred: A music note shirt.
Gift from Victor: a necklace.
Another gift from Victor: Sandman graphic novels.

Yet another gift from Victor: handmade gauntlets. Who wants punchin'?

And now for the presents sent to me for my birthday:

Presents from Dad: A faeries encyclopedia, a Steven Universe drinking glass,
and some CDs of the Mamas and the Papas and Fleetwood Mac.
Present from Eric: The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For.
Presents from Jeaux: Not one but TWO Steven Universe LED watches.
Card from Kari: Illustration of Peridot, with a magnet of Peridot's head.
If for some reason you are a freak and are not watching Steven Universe,
Peridot is a character on Steven Universe.
(Steven Universe.)
Present from Ronni: A bank shaped like Lion.
(From Steven Universe.)
Presents from Victor: Handmade visor to make me the coolest person in the universe,
Sandman graphic novel, and playing cards with a Steven Universe design.
More presents from Victor: Two more Sandman graphic novels,
a talking Yoda head, and a necklace (I'm wearing it).
Present from my boss: Cake.
I also received a SingSnap annual membership from my mommy!

I've been notified of a few other presents so I'll look forward to being surprised. :)

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