Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Racial/Ethnic Identity

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What is your Racial and Ethnic Identity?

In general, I'm white with Jewish heritage.

"White" in my case means I'm German and French on my mom's side and Russian and Hungarian on my dad's side. I think I look like a pretty even mix between both sides of my family, though my dad's side is dark-haired and I've always had naturally blonde hair that didn't really get darker like I kinda expected it to.

My paternal grandfather's side of the family is the Hungarian side. My great-grandmother sometimes spoke Hungarian. My paternal grandmother's side was the Russian side; both of my grandmother's parents were born in Russia in 1892, and they immigrated to the USA, arriving at Ellis Island in 1911. My grandmother and her siblings were born in St. Louis. This side of my family followed Jewish traditions and I suppose you would say "ethnically Jewish"? I was raised with those traditions when my mother converted to Judaism and married my father. By some traditions I don't count as "Jewish," but by others I do because my mother converted.

My maternal grandfather's side was the French one, but I don't have much of his information. All I know is that my great-grandfather was a World War I veteran. And as for my maternal grandmother's side--the German one--I know that from the time of my great-great-grandparents, my grandmother's side was born in the United States, mostly in and around Buffalo, New York, but my great-great-great grandparents' generation looks to be pretty solidly from Germany. This side of the family was Catholic and the families were very big. I was not raised with any Catholic traditions.

Here's a neat thing I found online a while back about what the supposed "typical woman" looks like in various countries. It's a sampling of each of my four major countries:

And then me for comparison:

I definitely look like that's what I come from.

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