Saturday, July 16, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: July 9 – July 15

Life news this week: 
  • The week felt long--maybe because it was the week AFTER a four-day week and going back to normal was hard.
  • Saturday I went out with my friends Sarah and David. We had brunch at Keke's and gave each other gifts. I gave her a box of stationery and office supplies, and she gave me a candle, some stickers, and a gift certificate to Michaels. Which I then spent getting purple markers so I could finally finish coloring a doodle of Amethyst. (I'll share when I'm done inking the other drawings on the same page.) I took naps and made some arrangements for traveling.
  • Sunday I went to see Victor in the hospital. My mom was nice enough to drive me and we brought him some chicken tenders and hung out. After that I talked to my sister on the phone and got some basic chores done.
  • Monday I sent a toy trade to a Tumblr pal, came home after grocery shopping, and received my Cheeseburger Backpack! I preordered this thing in February. Hooray! There were actually two in my mailbox because a British friend wanted one and they don't ship to the UK, so I ordered one for her. I spent the rainy evening doodling a picture of SU characters in a casually intimate pose. Ruby and Sapphire are cute as heck.
  • Tuesday I mailed the extra Cheeseburger Backpack to my friend Susan, then went to work and found out MY COMPANY WON A REALLY BIG CONTRACT with our DOT and everyone's so happy. We had a little party at the office, which included cheese, chips, fruit, and wine. Then I took my mom out to GrillSmith and ate potatoes and cauliflower, and she slept over.
  • Wednesday I got my toy trade in the mail and was pleased to complete my collection! After work Jeaux and I ate at Marlow's Tavern and I had a REALLY good hummus plate with yummy things to dip into the hummus! After, we watched a voice actor panel on YouTube and hung out. After Jeaux left I did some reading.
  • Thursday I didn't do much except update/reformat my Tumblr page for asexuality arguments.
  • Friday I just worked and posted my comic.
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    Reading progress:
      New singing performances:

      Here I'm singing "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden.


      New drawings:

      A phone photo of the raw drawing I did of Ruby and Sapphire

      Here it is scanned and cleaned up and put on a digital
      background with a sweet message. :)

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0583: "Special Filter."

      New videos:


      New photos:

      My Cheeseburger Backpack came!
      My complete set of mini toys is cute!

      And the haircut comparison photos:

      Front, February 2014
      Front, July 2016
      Back, February 2014
      Back, July 2016

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