Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book title change

So I have become one of that huge population of authors whose book title gets changed by their publisher. :)

Last week my publisher contacted me and told me in a pre-sales meeting my distributor had come to the conclusion that my book should have a different title. I'll have to go through and update the title wherever I've listed it, but it's no big deal. The title they've chosen:

THE INVISIBLE ORIENTATION: An Introduction to Asexuality.

I think this title change was a very wise choice! When I first conceived my book and titled it SO YOU THINK YOU'RE ASEXUAL: An Introduction to the Invisible Orientation, I had been thinking of it as a by-asexual-people/for-asexual-people book, but it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to cover it more comprehensively and help non-asexual people understand us too.

So really, the title I picked for it--while a little more quirky and colorful--is pretty misleading. It could have led people to believe it wasn't for them if they aren't asexual, and could have led to people avoiding purchasing it because of not wanting people to think it's for them. After all, a book that says "so you think you're X" on the cover implies that people who buy it think they're X. It will appeal to a larger audience because of this change.

So good job, Perseus. :)

My distributor. :)

The book has been finished for months, but it's not exactly finalized. I'll be doing some final research for it while attending a conference in early February. I've been given a cool opportunity: IvyQ has allotted me a 90-minute slot to speak at their pan-Ivy queer event and network with other queer-community participants and leaders, so I think I'll be able to learn a lot about asexuality's intersection with LGBT and shed more light on how/in what situations asexual people might ally with or participate in queer organizations.

I'm excited about how close my book is to becoming a real thing that people can buy and read. :D


  1. Thumbs up! I had my NF books' titles changed, too. Actually just the first one. With #s 2 and 3 I just let them choose a title in the first place. I've gotten lazy about titles, I'm afraid...

  2. Yeah, I sort of took "So you think you're asexual" like a casual, quirky way of phrasing it. But I remember on your tumblr someone said they weren't too sure they liked the title because it sounded a little off.

    This title's still pretty awesome, though :D

    Also OEHAROPWEHAROHAWER. I can't waittttt.

    I'm buying my parents a copy when it comes out >.> Bless 'em, but they're clueless about orientations outside hetero/homosexuality. My mom's still not too sure she understands bisexuality, sooo this should be a good read. *Jumps around*

    (And I'll recommend it to my friend, since with her, it really is a "So you may be asexual?" situation. She's in no rush of an answer but she might like to read about it~).