Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween party = success

My early Halloween party was a success! As usual, I had a houseful, but we managed to squeeze everyone in and we all had a good time.

How could you not with all this great food?

Veggies and ranch dip, nuts, hummus and various chips,
salsa and tortilla chips, cranberries, and apples with caramel!

All HOMEMADE desserts!
Molasses-ginger animal cookies, fall leaf cookies, pumpkin pie,
pumpkin roll, pumpkin muffins, banana muffins, and pumpkin brownies!
My guests seemed quite happy with the variety, plus there was hot cider and lots of juice and soda to drink.

So, the matter of my costume: I mentioned yesterday that I decided to dress up as one of my own characters for the first time! I dressed up as my character Dia from Finding Mulligan.

Pretty hair, magic bracelets! :)
Shh, Dia is a secret.
Long white dress.
No shoes! Very important!
My guests had some very cool ideas themselves. Here are some of the fun characters who came to my little party.

Brent as "Sexy Yoda"
Derek as a steampunk pilot
Joy as Princess Bubblegum
Michael as a pirate
Shelby as Chihiro
Victor as a Renaissance guy
And James as smokin', drinkin'
Jesus H. Christ.
My friend Jeaux just wore a shirt that says "ask me about my zombie costume" (which has a zombie face on the inside that you can pull up over your face), and Eric and Yasmin didn't dress up, and James's kindergarten daughter was a tiger. (She was quite scary and kept threatening to eat everyone.)

Now that all the preparation for that is over with, it's back to life for me! I have some stuff to do for Asexual Awareness Week this week and some writing projects to work on. Well, and a lot of pie to eat.


  1. Hah, dressing up as your own character sounds like so much fun. I kind of want to try it next year: grow my hair really long, dye it red (or get a wig), and find a complicatedly awesome pirate get-up. Admittedly, the character I'm speaking of is a foot taller than I am but that won't stop me D<

    I loved having Halloween parties with my friends, though we never got to have delicious treats because no one really baked. @_@ SAD.

    I think this year I might go to a frat party. I love Halloween but going to a college party might just make me miss my friends even more Dx (oh well. Maybe in a twist the frat party will have some homemade treats?)

  2. This looks awesome! And the food is making me hungry!