Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Date a Nerd Blog Hop

I'm participating in the HOW TO DATE A NERD Blog Hop! YAY!

How to Date a Nerd is a new book out by Cassie Mae and you can find it on Goodreads. I think it sounds like a pretty awesome book based on what I've read about it! I love the idea of a geeky girl trying to find the courage to be as geeky as she is, and I hope when I read the book it will satisfy all my expectations!

So on this Blog Hop we're answering this question today:


Well, I'm glad you asked!

I think most of the obvious stuff isn't particularly special. I like science fiction. I make videos featuring me singing songs from video games. I draw webcomics. I play Dance Dance Revolution. I enjoy Japanese animation, went to an anime club for years, and have been to anime conventions. In costume.

JACON 2004          Metrocon 2013

But beyond all that creative and fan-related stuff, I think I do one nerdy thing that most other nerds don't do . . . and that is comprehensively documenting everything kind of all the time.

I have a public list of every book, every movie, and every music album that I own. When I buy a book, it has to come off the public wish list, get put on the "owned" list, and get updated on two book-related websites. When I read a book, I have to review it on my personal site, review it on Goodreads, and show a star rating on my author site, and it has to get moved from "reading" to "recently read" (and I have to pick the next book I'm going to read and declare that in five places).

I keep a daily journal. I've done so for over ten years. I write down what I did that day and not much else, but I have an exhaustive account of pretty much everything I've done in my adult life.

I have a list of every time I've been in the media (though I guess that's something most people would do). If someone wants links to my magazine interviews, film appearances, public speaking engagements, radio appearances, and other media talks, they're all in one place.

I keep an updated list of favorite things. If I read a book, see a movie, or hear a music artist, and I decide it was good enough that it is now a "favorite," I have to add it to an extremely long and comprehensive list on various websites. I also list favorite foods, favorite comics, favorite podcasts, favorite television, and favorite quotes.

And I've got a rather detailed public autobiography (if you know where to look), featuring a timeline, photos, drawings, writings, sound files, video clips, and keepsakes.

I'm good at other things you're supposed to document too, like balancing my checkbook, keeping abreast of my publishing submissions, and keeping a fastidiously updated calendar so my events don't have conflicts. But as you can see, I kinda go above and beyond when it comes to documenting everything, and I think that's probably the nerdiest thing about me!

See you nerds later. :)


  1. Holy cow! I'm super jealous of your amazing organization! You're awesome for doing all that stuff. Makes me want to be better :)

    1. Seriously, I'm pretty ridiculous. You should see my to-do list. :o I try not to be obnoxious about it but it helps that I live alone so I don't have to harass people to keep everything in order and deal with me needing to keep track of everything. :)

  2. You are a detailed and organized nerd! But you dig science fiction and anime so it's cool.

  3. I actually think that is a terrific idea. I wish I'd done that more when I was a kid because I tend to forget things. With my kids, I ask them a bunch of questions every year on the birthday. Their favorites... color, TV show, friends, food... It's fun to see how it changes and they get a kick out of reading their answers when they were 3 or 4.

    Someday I'll type it up for them and put it in a nice spreadsheet. Someday...

    1. That's super cute that you do that with your kids!!! Man! I'm about to have a nephew and I wonder if I can help my sister document some of the stuff he does? I bet she'd love that since she never keeps up with documenting. But I'm the family archivist and they depend on me to remember everything, hahaha. Must do my documentary duty!

  4. Oh, but that's just good organization! I keep a list of books that I need to get from specific authors or that are apart of a series, and I make a list every year to keep track of the books I've read. It's good to be nerdy! ;)

    I am a nerd on many levels, but on my blog I reveal the nerdiest thing! And I'm still a little embarrassed by it. lol

  5. Wow, that's so interesting. I could never be that organized!

  6. Will you work for me? I lose track of practically everything! LOL. I'm super jealous of your skills.

    I don't even think I remember how old I am, lol!

    Thank you so much for hopping!!!