Monday, April 1, 2024

March Goals Update

April's here, so it's time for another goals update:

1. Health Goals: I resolved to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
2. Personal Project Goals: I resolved to get digital photos sorted by the end of February and collect memorable bits from Facebook for my essays; resolved to work on writing or editing at least one day a week; resolved to relearn ukulele songs I've forgotten and learn new ones, and keep creating my regular webcomic and video content.
3. Reading Goals: I resolved to read at least twice a week.
4. Relationship and Communication Goals: I resolved to document daily life stuff more, keep up with e-mails and online communication, and make time for friends and family.
5. Other Goals: I wanted to prepare and sell my mom's house, watch some TV shows I'd dropped, and not play time-wasting tames.

Progress Update (you can click to see the calendars better):

Summary: Everything's going fine here. Water intake is good and I've gotten used to being hydrated. I had my first day since I made the resolution where I drank only 3 glasses of water, though. I've continued to eat at least three servings of fruit and vegetables almost every day (with one always being a green veggie), with a couple days when I only did two, and walked at least 10,000 steps every day of March EXCEPT one day I was somehow about 200 steps short. Here is my calendar of progress: 


Summary: This got better a lot faster than I thought it would in most categories! I'm still trying to prepare my mother's house for sale and it's still taken a lot of my time. Photo sorting is still in progress but I made it through one of the large folders I have and am about to start the other large folder. Maybe I'll adjust the goal to get that one wrapped up by the end of this month and hopefully start sorting them onto the website soon. I have continued collecting Facebook clips almost every day.

I have finally written some new content besides webcomics! I did not pick up my in-progress novel but I reread/edited and old one and did some query submissions for the first time in a while, and I wrote a complete new short story (but am still struggling to title it and wrap up editing before submitting). My ukulele practice has not been a focus, but I still hope to do some review before the summer and to start learning the new songs soon. 


Summary: I am doing okay with reading a couple to a few times a week. It might be going a teeny bit faster? I finished a book and got through half of another.


Summary: I haven't documented as much as I need to but I'm working on it. My e-mail box is at 3 unanswered mails. I have spent a lot of time with friends and family on weekdays and almost entirely had my weekends free, which was great for the writing projects. 


Summary: Mom's house is the huge looming one. Since last month we have gotten two ozone treatments and a duct cleaning to deal with the cigarette damage, got my friend Ben to bust up the tile floor and get it out of there, got a bunch of contractor repairs for the electrical and plumbing, had the entire interior of the house painted (!), and had the entire place cleaned. I am in the process of getting some leftover mortar taken out of the main bedroom floor so I can have the concrete sealed, and I have gotten my quote for the carpets. Once that is done WE CAN LIST THE PROPERTY and we're in the process of scheduling a photographer.

My garage was stressing me out because it was full of unprocessed Mom stuff, and I wiped it out almost entirely this month. I built a shelf unit for housing the vinyl records and Victrola records, reorganized my wires and cables, cleaned out my desk and put a new bookshelf and a new night table in my office, revamped all my CD and book storage, and found storage for some of my music books by rearranging some areas of the house. It was intense! I still have a plaster pillar from my mom's house that still stinks so it's outside and I'm going to paint it. (I have bought the paint but haven't done the thing.) I processed a bunch more stuff from memory boxes and labeled them. And no, I have not picked up any of the TV shows I want to watch.

Will update again next month!

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