Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: What I Do

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: List the Top Five Things You Spend the Most Time Doing, In Order.

That's a hard one. Here's my estimation.

1. Internet Silliness
2. Sleeping
3. Day Job
4. Creative Projects/Reading
5. Socializing

Internet Silliness refers to watching YouTube videos and cartoons, playing on Facebook and Tumblr, and responding to e-mails. I kinda do too much of this lately, and a year ago this might not have even made the list. But I do currently spend so much time enjoying cartoon stuff that it's kinda eclipsed everything.

Sleeping does, regrettably, take up five to seven hours of my day.

Day Job involves five to six hours (most days) of my weekdays. Though to be honest I'm not 100% involved in the job at all times while I am there, so I might be engaged in Internet Silliness some of the time I'm Day Jobbing.

Creative Projects/Reading involves what it sounds like, but it varies week to week as to what I am reading, whether I am helping someone edit, and what kind of blogging, video-making, comic-making, and writing I am doing.

Socializing includes Jeaux Day, phone calls, and time with my family.

I'm hoping I can encourage myself to spend less time with the Internet Silliness and more time with the Creative Projects/Reading in the near future, but that just ain't happening right now. ;)

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