Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wendy West Saves the World

For a weird blog-post-related Throwback Thursday, I decided to share one of my first short stories: "Wendy West Saves the World." It was written when I was eleven years old, in fifth grade: March 15, 1989, composed in pencil in a preteen’s careful cursive. It had its own hand-drawn cover.

Here is the story, for your entertainment. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation has been left untouched. As you can see, I've been writing about courageous young girls with unusual abilities in science fiction and fantasy since childhood. :)

Wendy West was an explorer who had shiny black hair and light purple eyes. She could see farther than a million telescopes put together could see.

One day Wendy West was exploring a hole in Sudan, Africa. She heard some screeching inside the hole and a laser beam shot out of it, narrowly missing Wendy. It hit a tree and the tree evaporated into thin air.

Wendy was shocked at this. She looked into the deep hole. It seemed endless, so she used her special vision to peer deep into the hole. At the bottom, there was a huge group of tall, blue men! They shot lasers at her. They missed. She ran to a nearby police station.

The police were on coffee break. Wendy got a police man to come to the hole. He looked inside the hole. “Is this your idea of a joke? I don’t see anything,” Said the police man. “No,” said Wendy. She shined a flashlight down in the deep hole. Sure enough, nothing was there. She used her special vision to look around in Africa, then in Europe. When she got to China, there were the blue men, shooting huge buildings down.

The police sent helicopters to China, after Wendy West reported her story. They disposed of the aliens, and then they had a party for Wendy and proclaimed that day a holiday called “Alien day!”

My favorite part is that the cops were on coffee break.


  1. Oh my god, this is so cuteee.

    I was listening to epic trailer music while reading. Twas fitting.

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