Monday, June 17, 2013

New interview on asexuality in The Huffington Post

I talk to the media rather a lot about my asexual orientation, and today an article for which I was one of the interviewees has hit the Internet.

The article is called "Asexuality: The 'X' In A Sexual World." It is in the Gay Voices section of The Huffington Post and is lined up to be a six-part series, with a new installment going live every day from today through Saturday. I will be quoted liberally and my materials will be linked and embedded for educational tools. (I am not yet quoted in the part of the article that's up so far, but my face is the thumbnail for Thursday's article.)

Pretty exciting. Though as usual some of the comments are disappointing. Funny how these people can read an article on asexuality and immediately run to the comments to tell us we're sick and need doctors or that they don't see why we need a name for our experience because it's not really relevant to THEM.

Maybe with more exposure, stuff like that will happen less because it will be considered ignorant to say such inaccurate and insulting crap to asexual people.

But it's going to be a long road.

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