Friday, March 1, 2024

February Goals Update

Now that we're into March, it's time for another goals update:

1. Health Goals: I resolved to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
2. Personal Project Goals: I resolved to get digital photos sorted by the end of February and collect memorable bits from Facebook for my essays; resolved to work on writing or editing at least one day a week; resolved to relearn ukulele songs I've forgotten and learn new ones, and keep creating my regular webcomic and video content.
3. Reading Goals: I resolved to read at least twice a week.
4. Relationship and Communication Goals: I resolved to document daily life stuff more, keep up with e-mails and online communication, and make time for friends and family.
5. Other Goals: I wanted to prepare and sell my mom's house, watch some TV shows I'd dropped, and not play time-wasting tames.

Progress Update (you can click to see the calendars better):

Summary: Still doing very well maintaining this. I have managed to drink 4 to 5 glasses of water every day, usually eat at least three servings of fruit and vegetables every day (with one always being a green veggie), and walked at least 10,000 steps every day of February EXCEPT one day I was somehow about 200 steps short. Here is my calendar of progress: 

Summary: This section is going to take some work and I've accepted that more pressing issues have necessitated that more time will be needed from my initial goals. I am trying to prepare my mother's house for sale and there's been a LOT of extra time I had to spend on that, including scheduling contractors, incorporating possessions from her house into what to keep and where I'm going to keep them, and having family houseguests helping me for a week. Photo sorting may take another couple months instead of being done by the end of this month and being incorporated into the gallery starting March--maybe I'll be ready in another month, maybe not. I have continued collecting Facebook clips almost every day. I haven't written any new content except on webcomics, but I am still catching up rereading/editing my in-progress novel. I had hoped to move faster than this but it just didn't happen. I hope to finish rereading what I have written and start writing new content soon. My ukulele practice isn't where I wanted it to be but I hope to do some review before the summer and to start learning the new songs soon.

Summary: I am doing okay with reading a couple times a week, but having my family here and playing catch-up after slowed the reading time down. That's okay.

Summary: I haven't documented as much as I need to but I'm working on it. My e-mail box is at 3 unanswered mails. I have spent a lot of time with friends and family--another very busy month socially!

Summary: I have sold all the furniture at my mom's house, got the donations out, and transported everything I'm keeping to my house. I got a new realtor. We got a junk pickup, got the carpet steam cleaned, pulled up all the carpets and we're almost done getting the damaged tile out of my mom's room, cleaned out the garage, got an air conditioning specialist to check the HVAC, got a plumber to look for potential leaks, got a home inspection, and have scheduled a duct cleaning and an ozone treatment. (Soon: Painting, cleaning, and flooring, plus other repairs, and we probably need a new roof.) At my house, I have brought my mom's Victrola into the house and am going to build a little shelf unit for housing the records, and have replanted some plants in planters that I'm putting around on some of the surfaces from Mom's house, and we cleaned out all the memory boxes to decide what to keep. In case you didn't guess, I have not picked up any of the TV shows I want to watch.

Will update again next month!

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