Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: New Friend

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What's the first thing you always want to do with/show to/experience with a new friend?

Oh yeah, I like this one!

When I make a new friend and we are intent on discovering all of each other's awesome stuff, here are the things I like to do with them or expose them to:

  • Make homemade pizzas from scratch together
  • Give or lend them a copy of my book or link them to short stories
  • Expose them to my favorite musicals or musicians and ask for theirs
  • Probably follow each other on social media where appropriate
  • Watch Steven Universe together if they're not a fan yet
  • Visit a cool local bookstore I like and patronize their cafĂ©
  • Find out their taste in books and share recommendations
  • Invite them to my Halloween party

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