Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Pampering

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: How do you pamper yourself?

When the time comes to "pamper yourself," I guess the usual things that come to mind are going to a spa and getting some kind of "indulgent" service like a massage or a beauty treatment, or maybe taking a luxurious bath, but I don't actually like any of those things. (I'd consider getting a professional massage someday, though, maybe.)

I think the best most pampering thing I can think of that I would like is being able to stay in bed in comfortable clothes drinking coffee and eating a certain kind of homemade cookies with the coffee, watching cartoons or reading while I relax. Honestly I just LOVE Sunday mornings where I get to just laze around with nowhere to be and nothing to rush into. I might also draw something that's not "due" anywhere or spend some time fiddling with goofy things on my website.

Another thing I really love is breakfast. I love breakfast food and I consider the rare treat of getting to have a leisurely breakfast of several yummy foods to be a nice pampering opportunity.

And a nice pampery treat is also going out for sushi with Meghan or boba tea with Victor! I feel so content when I do those things.

OOH! And when it's cold? I LOVE burrowing under a nice fuzzy blanket. It can be a big heavy one like the one I have that's purple and so warm, or it can be an electric blanket. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: August 12 – August 18

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I was supposed to see a house but the people canceled, so I stayed in all day and worked on some digital art. It looks cool but I don't know what I'm doing yet. I texted with my sister P a lot and did some organizing, and made a Letters to an Asexual video.
  • Sunday I did chores and made some digital art for a collaboration I'm doing, but I'm not done yet. I played my new ukulele in a video for the first time and I love the sound! I talked to my dad on the phone and . . . STARTED PACKING MY FIRST BOXES. It's emotional.
  • Monday I had a bunch of proposal and letter stuff to do at work. I posted an analysis of my favorite character's speech patterns and it got featured on the Amino app's front page. This is the 26th time I've been featured there. It's kind of unreal. I left work early so I could go see a house. It was beautiful! I really fell in love with it, especially its trees. I was enthusiastic about it and you can see what I thought in a blog post I wrote. Then I took a bus home but there was a glitch on the bus app that led to me giving up and deliberately taking the bus going the wrong way, assuming it would eventually start going the right way. (Too bad that took literally hours.) So yeah I rode a bus kind of all afternoon and into the evening and walked home in the dark. I was pretty beat and I just had time to fill out an application for the house I'd seen before I slept early.
  • Tuesday I worked from home. I had some transcripts to do and an inconveniently scheduled makeup appointment for the house I was supposed to see Saturday. I knocked out the work and made it to my appointment, and the house was also beautiful but had a little less character and also was disappointingly far from transit, and living there would have me spending over 4 hours on a bus every day to get to work, so I decided I would go with the other house if they would accept me. And then they did! I got paperwork that afternoon and decided to sign it! I got approved for renting a house! (Barely. I just barely make enough money to hit three times the rent if I include my book earnings! Isn't that wild?) I also talked to my mommy who's still sick and did some drawing.
  • Wednesday at work I did another transcript and not much else happened except Jeaux got the news he got a new job! The job he's been waiting for finally hired him. After work we went out to Macaroni Grill to celebrate and had a great time. Then we biked to the grocery store and home. Watched our showsPeople of Earth and Wrecked and after he left I checked with my mom again and she was still doing crappy but didn't want me to come over.
  • Thursday I worked on a proposal at the office, and after work I went to the grocery store for my mom and sort of forced myself on her, haha. She was glad to have me though. She was very sick and I stayed with her, and we had some really nice chats. I decided to stay with her overnight, so I slept in her guestroom.
  • Friday I woke up at my mom's and stayed with her most of the day, working from home. I did a transcript and some proposal preparation for my boss. Mom was still not doing well but I went home to do some things and told her to call me if she needed me, but we just texted off and on into the night. I got my webcomic done and that was the end of the night for me.
New Reviews of my book:
Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: I was really busy with house-hunting and helping my mom this week so I didn't quite finish the book I was reading.
  • Currently reading: This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.
    New singing performances:

    This week I performed "What About Love?" by Heart.


    New drawings: 

    I tried digital coloring--the drawings were done on paper, but I colored them on my computer. This is a series of drawings with Garnet and Greg's relationship evolution.

    And then I tried a couple drawings that were entirely digital! These are test drawings of Garnet using digital sketches, digital coloring, and one alternate shading technique--don't know what I like better.

    And here's an entirely digital, sketchy-only doodle of Amethyst and Steven that will eventually be part of a comic.

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0640: "Hard to Live With."

    New videos:

    My latest asexuality video is Letters to an Asexual #49It's about people who claim they want to be educated, but are insulting and condescending from the getgo, and really think we can't tell that they aren't actually curious so much as want to argue with simplistic, incorrect "scientific" ideas they don't fully understand.

    My latest unlisted ukulele video is "There's a Fine, Fine Line" from the musical Avenue Q. This is my new ukulele's video debut!

    New photos:

    Me with my Ivysaur plush 'cause I'm a nerd.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,290 for swankivy (lost 1), 649 for JulieSondra (1 new). Twitter followers: 874 for swankivy (lost 3), 1,338 for JulieSondra (lost 1). Facebook: 294 friends (lost 1--don't know who) and 203 followers (no change) for swankivy, 657 likes for JulieSondra (lost 1), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 126 likes for So You Write (lost 1). Tumblr followers: 2,502 (3 new). Instagram followers: 121 (1 new).

    Thursday, August 17, 2017

    A house, and expectations

    So I'm pretty sure I found a house to move into!

    I had quite a bit more time to make a decision if I wanted to, but I really don't like uncertainty and it was important to me to find where I was moving to so I could do stuff like set up the moving truck and make arrangements to get carpets or additional furniture and stuff. (I want to get another bed so I can have a guest bedroom, and probably a few more bookshelves and knickknack shelves.) So after looking at a few places, I found a house I liked and I applied to rent it.

    I saw the house on Monday. While waiting for the real estate agent to show me the inside, I walked around to the side and peeked in the backyard. Immediately I met these two trees.

    I wasn't expecting two! I saw just one in the listing's photo. So these trees will be my new neighbors. (I'm sure they're quieter than the ones I have upstairs now. Ugh.)

    There was a kind of weird situation where when I showed up two other people (who were together) were also waiting for the same agent for the same time slot. Neither of us were told we'd be seeing the house together, and the agent herself seemed surprised because she thought we were all part of the same group, even though she had texted me before showing up because she was running late and they also knew her name and were waiting for her. Still don't know how that happened, but it was fine. 

    The house is pretty cute. It has a weird layout, kinda non-traditional with two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and an extra room with no clear purpose. 

    Long, slim main room (it's bigger than it looks)
    A bedroom

    It also has a two-car garage with washer-dryer hookups out there, and there's recycling pickup which is something I really wanted since my apartment doesn't have it and I have to sneak my recycling into neighborhood people's bins on pickup nights, and it's got a kitchen that is really awesome compared to what I'm used to. (They're redoing the cabinets before someone moves in, but it's nice, and it has a little side place for if you want a table.)

    The house had really good energy and so much storage space, and looked well taken care of. The front lawn is smallish with little patio stones you can walk on up to the front door. I love it, basically.

    The only down sides I was worried about:

    • It's a little closer to my old neighborhood than I would have liked. When I first moved to Tampa I lived in a not-so-good neighborhood and there were multiple break-ins in the parking lot and homes while I lived there, and almost every day walking from the bus stop men would scream at me from cars, try to get my number, or follow me home. Scary.
    • The house is on a well and septic system, which I've never dealt with as an adult before.
    • The rent is at the tippy top of my rent range and I wasn't 100% sure I'd even qualify, since you have to make 3 times the rent.
    • I would be responsible for the lawn, unlike some options I've considered like townhomes in communities.
    But these answers to those worries have made me decide to go for it:

    • My friend looked up the area and said it's a low crime area; it's across the street from a golf course; I walked around the neighborhood and it was quiet and nothing alarming happened; and I stood on a street corner for at least 20 minutes waiting for the bus and not a single person screamed at me.
    • The homeowner is responsible for maintenance of the well and septic system. The only down side is that the water might taste a little different.
    • I just barely qualified on income because . . . I included my book earnings! I guess that combined with having really good credit and an incredibly stable rental history adds up to a good tenant.
    • I can look into what it takes to hire helpers to maintain the lawn.

    After looking into my background and whatnot, I seem to have been selected to move in and September 1 is the day I have to start paying rent and get my keys. I won't be actually moving on September 1, because I have until September 30 to get out of my current place, but that will give me time to make some decisions about how to use the space before I have to lumber into it with all my crap. I've submitted everything I'm supposed to and am waiting for a lease to sign.

    But here's the funny thing.

    I knew it would be possibly looked at as a little weird that I'm one adult looking for a house that size, so I was very specific where I was able to be that this is the case, so they wouldn't think I had undisclosed residents or was avoiding disclosing another adult so I wouldn't have to pay application fees on them or something. After my initial application, I received an e-mail containing follow-up questions, and they wanted photos of my pets. I just said I didn't have any pets, even though that had already been a question on the application. I figured it was just a form letter anyway.

    And then the next mail came advising me that my first month's rent had been accepted and they're drawing up a lease, and I need to send them my children's full names. (Plural.) So they can be listed as occupants.

    As this mail was in response to a message where I'd specifically said I was a single adult with no other adults or dependents or pets, I thought it was a little peculiar. I was kinda worried at that point that they had me confused with someone else. But the representative just said okay and that's been it so far.

    I saw another house after I was pretty sure I was going to get this one but before I signed for it. It was a lovely house too but I think transportation would be a problem--getting to the buses isn't easy from this place, and it would take me more than TWO HOURS to get to work. I just . . . I can't spend four and a half hours on a bus every day just to go to work. I decided it was probably better for me to go to where I can get the bus more easily and I liked the first house better anyway. (From there it's a shorter bus ride than I have now!) I took a paid ride from Uber to get there and back. On the way back, my Uber driver chatted about what I was doing (as you do), and when she found out I was a single person trying for a three-bedroom house, she was like "you don't have no kids?" I said no, and she said "then you've GOT to be a dog or cat mama, right?" I said no and she made a weird sound and said "Awww, but you NEEEEEEEEED a best FRIEND!"

    I'm no stranger to people offering me pity because they think my life must be lonely or pathetic, but you know, this irked me. Even the person who's driving me home from a house visit is dismayed over my supposedly unenviable life, and it seemed like everything I did in the pursuit of my next home was set up to remind me that this isn't how you're supposed to do it. If you want a three-bedroom house, surely you have two incomes to help qualify you and you have people coming with you to occupy those rooms. You probably have animals. You probably have kids. What is a person doing with their life if they're trying to establish semi-permanent residence in such a place despite their expectation of living alone?

    I'm not actively prevented from pursuing my desired lifestyle, but I did wonder whether I would be thought dishonest or suspected of being a dangerous person because my living situation is atypical. It's no secret that people immediately default to assuming the worst about people like me--we're cold, we're inhuman, we're hard to relate to, we might snap one day and become the next violent news story. For people who actually know me, that would be laughable, and many of my friends have suggested I'm one of the most warm and honest and personable and and giving people they've ever met. But on paper, if you don't have "normal relationships," people wonder about you, and assume you don't have them because you can't because something is probably off about you, and who wants to take a chance renting to someone with these warning signs if you can just as easily take the next qualified applicant, with their kids and their puppies?

    Anyway, assuming everything goes forward as it's supposed to, I'm looking forward to making a home here. The kind of home I want. 

    Not looking forward to packing and moving, though. Not at all.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    Wednesday Factoid: Abandoned Hobbies

    Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Did you ever have a hobby that you never do anymore?

    Hmmm. I guess there have been a few. Most things I like doing I keep doing, but it's true that like most people I can move on from things I don't do anymore. Hobby-wise, maybe one of them is macramé.

    My mom had a macramé business in the 1970s when I was little-little.

    Sometime during middle school, something jogged my mom to teach my sister and me some macramé knots and I made a bunch of small projects. Nothing really super huge, but I believe I made at least one plant holder and a bunch of jewelry. I would get very ambitious with the design of the jewelry and make pieces too elaborate and heavy to wear.

    Later I incorporated my macramé knot knowledge into making the ever-popular friendship bracelets. I made a ton of bracelets in colors requested by other people using half knots and square knots. I would tape the top of my four strands to my dresser and make a bracelet in minutes. I wasn't very good at figuring out the best ways to attach them, though. 

    To this day I retain my knowledge of how to tie half knots, square knots, and crown knots, but I guess the interest in friendship bracelets ran its course and I didn't really care to make anything else. I still have my thread in a craft drawer. :)

    Saturday, August 12, 2017

    Personal Digest Saturday: August 5 – August 11

    Life news this week: 
    • Saturday was day 2 of Metrocon for me. I wore my Stevonnie costume and took an Uber to the convention with Jeaux riding with me because one of his props was at my house. I had an excellent time even though by the end of the day my wig was giving me a headache. We enjoyed a few panels, a music video contest, some food, and a whole bunch of fantastic costumes. I also got to accidentally help run a panel because the hosts didn't come, and I won some prizes for being a cartoon trivia nerd. Also saw my friend Joy there.
    • Sunday was day 3 of Metrocon for me. I went to an early panel with Victor so he could play with silicon molds, and we looked at costumes and checked out merchandise. When I went home I processed photos and was sleepy.
    • Monday I was pretty tired at work. I got some preliminary work done on a proposal that we were going to have to crunch into shape for Thursday. When I got home I fell asleep early.
    • Tuesday I stayed late at the office but didn't get much done. I found out I messed something up with a meeting for my boss but we resolved it. I got a ride home, hung out with my mom, and did some doodles for a collaboration I'm doing with someone online.
    • Wednesday I got stuck at work for 11 hours working on the proposal! I had to skip Jeaux Day because it was too late, but the good news was that the other person stuck working on the proposal drove me home. At like 8:30. I looked at some houses and got a book review written, and fell asleep shortly after eating a veggie burger.
    • Thursday woke up really early, did some work, took a nap, and got up to go to the office early. We got everything done on the proposal but it was really tight; we delivered it with 15 minutes to spare. One of my co-workers bought me sushi! Then I met Jeaux for a smoothie at Freshii and we also watched our shows Wrecked and People of Earth and got to listen to a new Night Vale too. After he left I talked to Victor and drew my comic.
    • Friday I worked a short day to make up for the long days I'd been putting in. Then I met up with Mom to look at a house but I didn't like it so I won't apply. We ate together at GrillSmith and she took a nap while I doodled, and after she left I posted my comic and did more sketches.
    New Reviews of my book:

    Articles, Interviews, Mentions:
      • An article that's hard to read for a couple reasons on entitled "All About Asexuality: An Interview With Asexy" includes some info from my book and a mention of it. I couldn't finish reading it because the website was so packed with disruptive ads that popped on top of the content and made noise, and what I did read had convoluted language, but . . . there you go.
      Reading progress:
        New singing performances:

        This week I performed "Hanky Panky" by Madonna.


        New drawings: 

        I drew Garnet during a panel at the convention!

        Webcomic Negative One Issue 0639: "Relative Maturity."

        New videos:

        No videos this week! I didn't even have time to do a ukulele video.

        New photos:
        Home from the convention, still mostly in costume, hanging out with my gem bud
        My new shield prop came in!

        And if you haven't gone to see my Metrocon photos from the convention, with all the costumes and goodness, you should read that blog entry!

        Social Media Counts:

        YouTube subscribers: 5,291 for swankivy (lost 5), 648 for JulieSondra (2 new). Twitter followers: 877 for swankivy (lost 2), 1,339 for JulieSondra (lost 1). Facebook: 295 friends (lost 1--I quietly unfriended someone because almost everything they said was an excruciatingly picky callout post) and 203 followers (lost 3) for swankivy, 658 likes for JulieSondra (1 new), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 127 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,497 (lost 2). Instagram followers: 120 (1 new).

        Wednesday, August 9, 2017

        Wednesday Factoid: Go-To Person

        Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Are you the go-to person for anyone you know on a particular skill or field of knowledge?

        Oh, I guess so. Mostly it's computer stuff--my mom calls me or texts me immediately anytime something on her phone or computer is messed up. I usually know how to fix it or can find an answer.

        I'm also the go-to person in my family for stuff like contact information, photographs and documents, and crap no one else remembers. If it's ever happened to someone we know and someone wants to know when or get details about it, I probably know. When did we move? What was our phone number? When were they married? When's her kid's birthday? Do you have a picture of that guy so-and-so used to date? Yep.

        And there are some people in my life who consult me first on writing-related stuff, mostly publishing (like if they want to know stuff about agents or book proposals or something) or occasionally if they want me to proofread or give advice.

        And of course if someone wants obscure knowledge about Steven Universe I know that too. :P 

        Tuesday, August 8, 2017

        Metrocon 2017

        Everyone who's been paying attention to the stuff I'm doing lately probably knows I was at Metrocon this weekend. :)

        Metrocon is a Tampa convention that was founded as an anime convention but, like many cons of its ilk, has branched off into other interests that the core audience tends to share. My friend Victor bought me a ticket for the entire weekend, and Jeaux joined us for two of those days.

        On Friday I went to the convention wearing some nerdy clothes but didn't dress up. 

        My bag, packed and ready

        The first night was fun. We went to a Steven Universe panel called "Don't Forget the Lyrics." It was run by convention attendees dressed up like Lapis Lazuli and Garnet. (For those who haven't been paying attention, Garnet is my favorite character, haha.)

        Participants had to pick between two songs on a theme, let the presenters play the song, and then they have to identify the next line when the presenters stop the song. If they win, they get a Pearl Point. But the hosts forgot their Pearl Points, and I happened to have some, so I let them give mine out! (My friends were joking that I "saved" the panel.)

        And of course I won a Pearl Point during my turn. There wasn't a song I didn't know every lyric to, but um, no one is surprised by that.

        The hosts of the lyrics panel.
        The ribbons in Garnet's hair almost made me die.

        After the lyrics panel, we mostly just wandered around looking at costumes, checked out an anime viewing room showing a cartoon we hadn't seen before called Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, and did a scavenger hunt. 

        Marge from The Simpsons!

        Greg and Lapis from Steven Universe

        Korra from Legend of Korra

        Lum from Urusei Yatsura

        Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
        (At least, I'm thinking it's a humanized version of a pony
        rather than being an Equestria Girls version, but I don't
        watch either one so I dunno)

        Rose and Greg from Steven Universe
        (Steven's parents!)

        This Steven cosplayer had all kinds of props in that backpack.

        Steven Universe cosplayers without wigs. :)
        There's Pearl on the right, and I think the one on the left is a Stevonnie.
        (Someone else said maybe Steven, but I don't think so with the crop top and shorts.)

        Great Tinker Bell costume!

        Peridot and "Bad" Pearl, the Wonder Nerds of Steven Universe

        Here they are again. :D

        The scavenger hunt was unexpectedly fun--I usually don't like stuff like that, but it was one of the most fun things we did all night. We had to gather or photograph things like a cup, a costume prop, and a photo of someone hugging a Metrocon volunteer. (My friend Michael was volunteering at the con so I found and hugged him for the photo.) We were also instructed to bring a photo of "something yaoi," which if you don't know is the term for guy-on-guy erotic material, so Jeaux and Victor posed suggestively like they were about to make out and I took a photo of that. I will not share it. And someone had to do 10 pushups for the completion of the hunt, so I did that. I didn't know I could do 10 pushups. ^___^ I got to pick the prize, which was a cool piece of art.

        Hugging Michael, our Metrocon volunteer

        Jeaux wore an easy costume to the convention Friday night: His Dipper costume from last year's Halloween, a character from Gravity Falls. It's basically a shirt, a vest, a pair of shorts, and a hat, so if you didn't know who he was then you might think he's not even in costume. But he was. And we saw some others from his show too. 

        Dippy Fresh and his Grunkle.

        Jeaux has opinions about Dippy Fresh.
        Double Dipper.

        He found a Mabel--his sister in the show--who reminded us
        she's the Alpha Twin because she's taller. Mmkay.
        Then we come to Saturday, which was my first day in costume. I went to the convention as Stevonnie from Steven Universe, who is not supposed to be short and pale like me, but whatever. ;) I even modified my ukulele to look like Steven's.

        Jeaux came as Tiger Millionaire from Steven Universe, a costume he's done before, but his wig didn't work out. Still looked cute. His giant cell phone is from, like, a seven-second clip of the show, but everyone who knew Tiger seemed to get it. Tiger Millionaire is Steven Universe's wrestling alter ego, so it's sort of a costume of a costume.

        And Victor had a really impressive costume. He came as Batman of the Opera. His mask was homemade and he used gory makeup to give himself a disfigured face.

        Man, he looked amazing. I'm sad that he was so hot and sort of uncomfortable with the makeup coming off and bugging him. It was such a cool costume!

        We came to the convention pretty early because there was a panel I wanted to go to called Steven Universe PJ Party. I am not sure what it was supposed to be initially because the hosts didn't show up to run it.

        If something like that happens, the con volunteers either cancel the panel or let the attendees decide what to do with it. Our group did the latter. The audience decided that people in Steven Universe cosplay (like me!) should go up on the stage and, uh, do something to run the panel. So we did. I played some songs from the cartoon on my ukulele and someone else played some songs out of a speaker, and we did a little singalong, and then I ran a little quiz session and Jeaux gave people Jungle Bucks as a reward. (Jungle Bucks are a Tiger Millionaire thing.) My questions were really hard but they were multiple choice. Still faked some people out with them, though. ;) And at the end they played an improv game. All in all, it was a pretty excellent panel for something that was abandoned by its hosts. 

        Another Stevonnie! Who requested the theme song.

        Rose, Steven, and Lion.
        After that event, we chilled looking at art and dealer room stuff, checking out costumes, and having a bite to eat. I think the costumes are my favorite thing at conventions like these. They made me so happy.

        Genderflipped Adventure Time characters

        Loyal Homeworld Gems Holly Blue Agate and Navy Ruby.
        (They weren't together, but were together in my picture!)

        Lapis and partially corrupted Jasper,
        plus a person in Steveny clothes who might be Stevonnie
        or might just be in Steveny clothes?

        Donut Kids Sadie and Lars, Steven Universe

        Lion eating a Lion Licker.
        I've never seen someone make a Lion Licker prop before.

        Very pretty Jasper from Steven Universe!

        Stevonnie's eating fries. Hey, these aren't the bits!
        (Dr. Maheswaran would not approve.)

        Promcoming Lumpy Space Princess and Lady Rainicorn.
        Adventure Time characters.

        Jeaux almost got tackled by this Purple Puma cosplayer!
        In the show, Steven and Amethyst wrestle as their alter
        egos Tiger Millionaire and the Purple Puma.
        They found each other!

        Rose Quartz wearing a Mr. Universe shirt.

        Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle. She even has a Calcifer!

        My starry toes.

        Stevonnie and Blue Pearl.

        A Stevonnie with a hat!

        Uncle Andy! (Steven Universe)

        Amethyst's latest outfit! So cute.

        Two Bad Pearls, one Mystery Girl, WHAT!!
        (Steven Universe cosplay)

        Me with a super-tall Doctor! He said he was 6'7".

        After we messed around a while, we went to another Steven Universe panel called "A Crystal Trivia." Unfortunately it was two hours long and ran into the anime music video contest, which I also wanted to see, but I stayed for the whole thing and Victor left to go see the videos. (We'd discussed this possibility previously, but I actually didn't notice when he got up and left because we weren't sitting together.) Crystal Trivia was run by some other SU cosplayers, most notably Tuxedo Pearl. 

        We were asked to answer complicated questions in exchange for a hand-made rose. I know a ridiculous amount of stuff about this show so I felt like it would be rude to bogart the panel and raise my hand for everything. I ended up raising my hand and volunteering answers only when it seemed like people were just guessing or didn't know the answer. (I also answered the first question because it was an obscure question about the comic books, which apparently not too many people have read.) Correct answer providers got to pick a song to listen to. I played along on my ukulele sometimes if I knew the song.

        I liked the idea of the panel and had fun, but to be 100% honest, I felt like some of the questions were more about "figure out what the question-writer meant" instead of "test your knowledge of the show." Questions like "how many songs are in Season 2?" aren't very fair if you're not defining what you count as a song and some of the decisions seemed relatively arbitrary, so I didn't answer questions like that. There were a couple where they accepted wrong answers or didn't accept right answers, or did something pretty weird like asking for a count for how many characters fit in a certain group and then randomly disincluding one because she "doesn't count" even though she indisputably counts. It's relatively petty but I get kind of irritated and less inclined to participate in stuff if it seems like there's no objective order to things that do have objective answers. I didn't answer any questions wrong myself but I was disappointed when there were discrepancies like that.

        We went to the anime music video contest after that and couldn't find where Victor was sitting so we just met him after. Jeaux left to go home and sleep before work and Victor and I got ice cream. Then we checked out some anime that we didn't really care for and went back to looking at costumes. We ran into our friend Joy, who was also in a Steven Universe–related costume!

        Joy as a Zooman (Zoo Human from Pink Diamond's zoo)
        We stood around for quite a long time just enjoying the costumes and sometimes watching people play silly games or do dances. I was disappointed to hear that Joy had been to a panel I decided not to go to (the SU singalong panel) because some cute things happened there, including someone proposing to someone else with a promise ring, in character.

        A cute Stevonnie

        Mysterious Blue Diamond, bored Bob Lapis

        BMO dress! (Adventure Time cosplay)

        A Night Vale eternal scout

        Garnet, Amethyst (Fun Mom!), and Peridot

        Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls

        Lapis Lazuli, looking about to fly away

        A really sweet Pearl

        Pink Lars! Bingo Bongo, y'all. (Steven Universe cosplay)

        This Rose Quartz yelled "HEY BABY, I see you!" at me.

        Steven and Connie. I said, "I really like your costumes for some reason."
        (Heh. I am dressed as their relationship. Of course I would like them.)

        Toph Beifong and Zuko, Avatar cosplay

        A very in-character Yellow Pearl with Stevonnie

        Joy, posing in response to a prompt from Victor about her potential Choosening

        We left after that and I finally got to take my dang wig off. Yowch.

        Wig head
        Sunday I decided to come in costume as well. When I got out of the car in the morning, someone yelled HEY STEVONNIEEEEE! and when I looked the person was wearing a Stevonnie t-shirt. :D :D :D

        Me at the con in the morning, pic taken by c00lpatrol on Instagram

        I didn't really have anything big on my agenda to do at the convention besides looking at more costumes, but Victor wanted to go to a silicon mold making class, and I told him I'd be glad to go with him even though I didn't want to pay the materials fee or make a mold. It had been a pretty long day the day before though, so both of us were pretty sleepy, and I was cold.

        Victor being productive

        Me being cold
        Me being a nerd with my uke
        I drew a picture of Garnet instead of making a mold

        Marceline the Vampire Queen (from Adventure Time) was in the workshop!

        After the workshop we got some food, looked at the dealer room items, and basically just played around looking at costumes for the rest of the afternoon. One guy asked me to play the Steven Universe theme song on ukulele while he recorded it with his phone and jumped in to sing with me. I dunno if he posted it online--I didn't find it.

        Porco Rosso in the cafeteria

        Me talking to Porco Rosso
        Rose Quartz by the dealer room

        Sardonyx in the dealer room!!!
        Steven Universe Fusions with extra arms are HARD!

        Cardcaptor Sakura!

        Greg Universe & me!

        Rose Quartz & me!
        Some chatting Pearls
        Dancing nerds!

        A room full of people doing dances I don't know

        Enthusiastic Greg Universe happy to see me
        An amazing group of Disney fairies
        Victor has a cool hat!

        After all that, I was pretty tired and ready to get that darn wig off, so I left in the mid-afternoon on Sunday.

        Happy to get home to my bed and my gem bud. :)

        We had a good time. I'd do this convention and this costume again. :D