Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Pampering

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: How do you pamper yourself?

When the time comes to "pamper yourself," I guess the usual things that come to mind are going to a spa and getting some kind of "indulgent" service like a massage or a beauty treatment, or maybe taking a luxurious bath, but I don't actually like any of those things. (I'd consider getting a professional massage someday, though, maybe.)

I think the best most pampering thing I can think of that I would like is being able to stay in bed in comfortable clothes drinking coffee and eating a certain kind of homemade cookies with the coffee, watching cartoons or reading while I relax. Honestly I just LOVE Sunday mornings where I get to just laze around with nowhere to be and nothing to rush into. I might also draw something that's not "due" anywhere or spend some time fiddling with goofy things on my website.

Another thing I really love is breakfast. I love breakfast food and I consider the rare treat of getting to have a leisurely breakfast of several yummy foods to be a nice pampering opportunity.

And a nice pampery treat is also going out for sushi with Meghan or boba tea with Victor! I feel so content when I do those things.

OOH! And when it's cold? I LOVE burrowing under a nice fuzzy blanket. It can be a big heavy one like the one I have that's purple and so warm, or it can be an electric blanket. 

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