Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Go-To Person

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Are you the go-to person for anyone you know on a particular skill or field of knowledge?

Oh, I guess so. Mostly it's computer stuff--my mom calls me or texts me immediately anytime something on her phone or computer is messed up. I usually know how to fix it or can find an answer.

I'm also the go-to person in my family for stuff like contact information, photographs and documents, and crap no one else remembers. If it's ever happened to someone we know and someone wants to know when or get details about it, I probably know. When did we move? What was our phone number? When were they married? When's her kid's birthday? Do you have a picture of that guy so-and-so used to date? Yep.

And there are some people in my life who consult me first on writing-related stuff, mostly publishing (like if they want to know stuff about agents or book proposals or something) or occasionally if they want me to proofread or give advice.

And of course if someone wants obscure knowledge about Steven Universe I know that too. :P 

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