Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Abandoned Hobbies

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Did you ever have a hobby that you never do anymore?

Hmmm. I guess there have been a few. Most things I like doing I keep doing, but it's true that like most people I can move on from things I don't do anymore. Hobby-wise, maybe one of them is macramé.

My mom had a macramé business in the 1970s when I was little-little.

Sometime during middle school, something jogged my mom to teach my sister and me some macramé knots and I made a bunch of small projects. Nothing really super huge, but I believe I made at least one plant holder and a bunch of jewelry. I would get very ambitious with the design of the jewelry and make pieces too elaborate and heavy to wear.

Later I incorporated my macramé knot knowledge into making the ever-popular friendship bracelets. I made a ton of bracelets in colors requested by other people using half knots and square knots. I would tape the top of my four strands to my dresser and make a bracelet in minutes. I wasn't very good at figuring out the best ways to attach them, though. 

To this day I retain my knowledge of how to tie half knots, square knots, and crown knots, but I guess the interest in friendship bracelets ran its course and I didn't really care to make anything else. I still have my thread in a craft drawer. :)

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