Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Pizza

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Wow survey, you're really digging deep here.

I'm a big fan of white sauce mushroom pizza. I also like pretty much anything that is mushroom pizza as long as the tomato sauce isn't too heavy. I'll eat crispy or thick crust, but deep dish is too greasy.

I like to make pizza at home from scratch. (I don't mean buying dough or a crust in the store, I mean mixing the yeast and everything. Though I do not make my own cheese, or sauce, haha.) Sometimes when I do that, I put fake hamburger on it (soy crumbles), and that's super tasty.

1 comment:

  1. vegetarian pizza can be delicious, i just never bother to order it, but i know if some is left over from other people eating it it's always lovely and the sauce comes out more in the veg than the meat ones i've found. i wonder, when you have non-veggies coming over, do u ever make both veg and meat pizzas or you won't touch meat at all because you're veg? its like, i don't drink tea or coffee so i don't even have a kettle at my apartment or a coffee maker, i wonder if you have stuff around or make stuff that others would use but you don't yourself. and what about gelatine in lollies, yay or nay for your consumption? once i nearly bought u some australian pink grapefruit gummies + then noticed it had gelatine in it so i didnt know if u dont care or what.