Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Adoption

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Would you ever adopt kids?

I'm afraid I have to say no.

I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to be responsible for any children. I'm not really even a particularly good babysitter, though I do love children (and they seem to love me).

I'll just keep being somebody's dorky aunt.

I've thought about it, though. I think I would consider adopting kids if I was really rich or something, but I think that's mostly because I know myself and I know I would want/need a break from taking care of them all the time, so I would probably need to hire some folks to help me or pay for daycare.

I think the most likely scenario for me adopting kids, however, is if there was a child in my life who somehow lost their parents or their parents could not care for them anymore. I could see myself taking over to parent someone like that. But I don't think I would deliberately make a decision to adopt kids just to adopt kids.

Man, babies are so much fun though.

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  1. if you were really rich and you could afford someone anyone to take care of the kids whenever u needed to, would u have your own biological kids?