Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Published short story: "Her Mother's Child"

Woo-hoo! More than a year after I got an offer on my story, it's in print. ;)

My short story "Her Mother's Child" is a coming-of-age story in a gently magical secondary-world setting, featuring goddess spirituality, queer perspectives, and a protagonist with an unusual disability.

You can read it in the Summer 2015 issue of Kaleidotrope!

As of the time I'm writing this it only has one comment on the actual publisher's page, so it looks a little lonely; if you read it and like it, consider saying what you thought. :) So far I mostly just have congratulations on Facebook and people on Tumblr reblogging with tags like "#this is so good." Haha.

In celebration of the release I also did some cool concept art and figured I'd post that here too. It's one possible way the protagonist's daughter might have looked, though you can imagine her however you want. :)

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