Monday, June 1, 2015

Lammys tonight

Tonight I am attending the Lambda Awards as a finalist in the LGBT Nonfiction category. Woohoo!

It's a pretty big event. Check this out:


27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, Monday, June 1, 2015

Honorees: Rita Mae Brown & John Waters

With special introductions by: Gloria Steinem & Liz Smith

Hosted by Kate Clinton

Special Performances by Toshi Reagon & The Broadway Musical, FUN HOME

Sean McMahill: DJ VIP After-Party 

Presenters and special guests include: J. Bob Alotta · Alison Bechdel · Lucy Jane Bledsoe · Justin Vivian Bond · Kate Bornstein · Susie Bright · Ana Castilllo Sewell Chan · Eduardo C. Corral · Alan Cumming · Teresa DeCrescenzo · Samuel Delany · Katherine V. Forrest · Brad Gooch · Barbara Hammer · Reginald Harris Michael Klein · William Lung · KG MacGregor · Ayana Mathis · Janet Mock  · Darnell Moore · Trace Peterson · Faith Popcorn · Christina Quintana · Andrew Rannells · Sarah Schulman · Kevin Sessums · Michelangelo Signorile · Liz Smith · Max Steele · Gloria Steinem · Tristan Taormino · Ellery Washington   

What:   27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, celebrating excellence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender literature
Directed by Charles Rice-Gonzalez
Where:  The Great Hall at Cooper Union, 7 East 7th St @ 3rd Avenue, New York City
When:  5:30 PM: Red Carpet   
             5:30 PM: Reception Presented by Penguin Random House
             7:00 PM: Awards Ceremony
What:  VIP After-Party Presented by Scholastic (SOLD OUT)
Where:  The Scholastic Greenhouse & Terrace, 557 Broadway (between Prince and Spring Streets), New York City
When:    9:30 PM 

People have been asking if I'm nervous or whatever. Not really. Being nominated is great. Winning would be great too, but if "finalist" is where I stop here, that's okay with me. I was surprised to even get listed as a finalist considering my category is LGBT Nonfiction and my book is about an orientation that isn't in the acronym.

The good: 

I came prepared and didn't forget anything. I'm really excited to get to see the Fun Home performance because I loved the book, and I hope I might get to meet the author, Alison Bechdel, who will be there. I also hope I get to meet Janet Mock because I loved her book too. And there are a bunch of other people there with whom I'd love to have a conversation--probably some I don't even know about. I'm really looking forward to seeing the other finalists and watch some of them become winners. I can't wait to meet other authors. I am hoping the food is really yummy. My dad and my host John are both meeting me there and we can sit together. I get to get my photo taken on the red carpet (ooh). I hurt my ankle last week falling down in the street but it doesn't seem to be giving me trouble now so that's a worry averted. Oh and I painted my nails pretty.

The bad: 

It's frigging raining. It is pouring cats and dogs today, and it was doing the same thing yesterday. There are even flash flood warnings around. Basically this means I'm going to do my hair pretty and it's going to fall as soon as I leave the house. It is also cold because it's been raining for a day and I'm going to be chilly so my hopes of just bringing a tiny clutch to hold my keys and my wallet are kinda down the drain; I'm going to have to have a real jacket, an umbrella, and a change of shoes. I'm pretty irritated about this. And I was going to ride the train to Cooper Union but I think I will get less chilled/wet if I call a cab. We will see how rainy it is in a few hours when I have to leave. If it's not terrible I might just take the subway anyway. But maybe it'd be better to just do the cab. Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. Also I got a bunch of bug bites from having the windows open where I'm staying and so yay, I will get to go to a major event and get my pictures taken with a bug bite on my frigging face. Oh, and I want to win and everything, but if I do win, I have to make a speech. I don't bother to plan speeches because I never actually say what I planned to say anyway, and it's only sixty seconds, so I will just say whatever I say, but ew, I don't like talking in front of people. (I'm not scared of it. Just not a fan of it.) I hope I can survive the night in my pretty silver heels. My feet aren't 100% happy with me and I will have to go to a cocktail reception, an awards ceremony, and an after-party. The awards ceremony is the only one of those that involves sitting. Meh. Well, I'm bringing my alternate shoes. I might have to switch. Whatevs.


It would be really cool to upgrade my Amazon description to "Lambda Award Winner" but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. :)

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