Saturday, June 20, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: June 13 – June 19

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Life news this week: 
  • Well, there were two big things going on this week. One was preparing to go to Canada, which didn't require too much prep but still required me to think about stuff. And then the other was that five-day explosion of new episodes from Steven Universe, which in case you didn't know (ha) is my favorite still-coming-out show right now. So I had to go to Jeaux's house every damn day this week and watch them with him. Yes, had to.

    I can't remember the last time I got this wrecked by a TV show to tell you the truth. It's incredible that they can do this much with a show aimed at kids. Some surprisingly mature stuff is being covered--and I don't mean bad language or nudity or whatever, I just mean nuanced and complicated themes that I can't talk about anymore here or this bullet will get too long and you will be sorry I mentioned it.

  • Also I couldn't resist making this GIF from one of the new episodes because why is Garnet so weird. Okay just put a little boy on your head and walk away. (There was no context for this whatsoever in the episode.)

  • Saturday was Drink and Draw! I drew a So You Write comic for next month and got some of Negative One drawn while talking to other weirdos. Eric and I got food together before the event.
  • Sunday I mostly spent making a video about how to publish short stories. In related news, the story I had accepted last year is probably going to run soon because the editor contacted me to update my bio.
  • Monday through Thursday were all very similar to each other. I had a TON of work to do at the office to help them prepare for their upcoming presentation, so I kept having to stay kinda late, and then I'd go to Jeaux's and watch cartoons and then talk about the cartoons and also we watched some America's Got Talent and listened to the two new Night Vale episodes. (I called what was going to happen in the second one at the end of the first one. Seriously.) Jeaux and I got pizza one night and picked up Burger 21 another night. Yum.
  • And of course Friday I flew to Toronto! Everything was good. I had no issues at all with the travel, which is always nice--especially since I am really bad at directions. I managed to get from the Toronto airport to a bus to a subway to meeting some people who showed me how to get to the dorm where I was staying. And then I ventured out for food and didn't get lost coming back. Though I did go out the wrong doors and got scared I locked myself out when it turned out these were only "out" doors and I had to use a different set to get back in. I always figure out some way to be weird. People kept complimenting my hair and my shirt today while I was traveling. (I was wearing a Night Vale shirt and had purple and blue streaks in my hair.) Friendly Canadians!
  • I got interviewed by a new web magazine called A Plus, mostly about asexuality activism and stuff. I haven't seen the article yet.
  • Instead of doing productive things, one night I spent a bunch of time setting up another directory page on my Tumblr, which points people to a categorized list of all the fannish things I've posted. I called it Cartoons, Comics, Fan Stuff.
  • My book is apparently selling ridiculously well right now because my publisher did a promotion on the Kindle edition through Book Bub. It's a short-lived deal for my book until the 22nd, but it's only $1.99 in eBook if you want it!
  • My video Shit People Say to Asexuals just became my first video to have over 100,000 views over the weekend. Apparently this is something one gets notified about by the YouTube system. Who knew.
New reviews of my book:

Places featured:
  • Seeker Daily posted a video that featured a quote from my book while discussing asexuality. It's a nice little peek of a video.
  • Ace Reads recommended my book to a person looking for asexuality books and called it "phenomenal."
 Reading progress:

New singing performances:

Here I'm singing "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. My friend Robin suggested it.

New drawings:

Webcomic Negative One Issue 0527: "Making It Fun."

New videos:

How to Publish Short Stories has an introduction to the submissions tracking utility The Grinder and some submission ideas. 


New photos:  

I laughed at something so juvenile that I couldn't tell people what it was.
But I laughed until I cried.
June Drink and Draw!
Some weird clouds I saw.
The face I make when someone tells me "It's just a cartoon"
Made it to the dorm in Toronto!
And the haircut comparison photos for June:

February 2014
June 2015
February 2014
June 2015

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  1. Just bought the book through BookBub! Can't wait to read it!