Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Who Do You Miss?

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Who do you miss right now?

I miss people a lot more when I can't talk to them or will never talk to them again. I tend to miss people less if they are alive or accessible; I think I don't "miss" people the way most people do. I miss people when I can't interact with them. Just not being around them for a long time doesn't really seem to make me miss them since I feel more or less satisfied by getting to talk to them on the phone or exchange e-mail messages with them, though of course there is also something special about breathing the same air.

I miss my grandma, because she doesn't really speak anymore but she's still here, and I wish we could talk again.

 I miss Mikey, because the human race lost him to the stars when he was twenty.

I miss hanging out with my nephew, because I after all can't give him a call since he's only eighteen months old and the only way to interact with him is to be in his face. I miss kissing his little face, but my sister does a lovely job posting videos and pictures. :)

I miss chilling with Meghan, and it feels like it's been forever since I hung out with/interacted with Fred, Jessie, Cara, Ronni, Stacy, and Kari. And I miss some people I've not been able to hang out with in person, like Reeny.
And I miss some people who don't talk to me anymore, but that's some laundry I don't want to air out in this atmosphere. 


  1. Ash misses you too! Skype soon?

    I know just how you feel about Grandma. Hugs.

    1. Yes, we should totally talkies. Though I can't snuggle anyone through the computer. ;)

  2. aww :) just saw this (am catching up with your posts) ; thanks, i miss you too and wish we lived closer by. i hope one day someone gives you a whole pile of money or a book tour to australia and we can meet. i doubt i will ever get to florida to meet you, cause of health, otherwise that'd be possible one day too.

    i like your quote: "the human race lost him to the stars" - beautiful.

    if someone in your family had a pile of money they could spend it on speech therapy for your grandma but it costs a lot, too much for most people to pay, like probably a proper wage per week for them to come and help, and nursing homes don't even do speech therapy properly for their clients, they don't have time/aren't paid to do it/whatever. nursing homes can be crap for things like speech therapy, some of them just let the person stop talking altogether because the workers don't keep up with the treatment or never begin it to begin with.