Saturday, July 4, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: June 27 – July 3

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I just processed a video and slacked off, and Sunday I saw my dad. He happened to be in town and came over for coffee. I told him about my Toronto trip and he updated me on his life stuff.
  • On Monday my short story "Her Mother's Child" got published in Kaleidotrope. I sold it last year but it finally got released for the summer issue. I also doodled a little promotional drawing of one of the characters to help illustrate it when I posted it on Tumblr. (People tend to circulate things more and find them more interesting when I include an illustration.)
  • Tuesday I spent with my mommy. She had invited me over to watch the "Growing Up Trans" special on TV so we had some ravioli and I set up her new tablet and we watched the program together. Nice night. I hadn't been to her house in a while--she usually comes to mine.
  • Wednesday was the usual Jeaux Day: we ate at IHOP and watched America's Got Talent and listened to the short hiatus-released episode of Welcome to Night Vale. And we talked about cartoons a LOT. He's my cartoon-nerd buddy.
  • Thursday was a fake Friday at work, because we all got July 3 off for Independence Day. And it was also Random Money Day. I got a bonus I wasn't expecting at work, I got paid for another short story I sold, and then on top of that I got my royalty statement for my book and I got to see what I'll be getting a check for when the payments happen. Oohhhwah!
  • On Thursday I also found a piano track for one of the songs I like from the cartoon I've been watching and recorded a duet with myself. This is me singing the song "Do It For Her" and if you want context for what I'm copying this is the scene from the cartoon. It's basically a training montage song where one character teaches another one to sword-fight.
  • On Friday I finished my comic, chose the winners of my Tenth Anniversary Negative One contest, and had my mom over for pizza because I was celebrating the Random Money thing from the day before. :) We got to Skype with my sister and nephew, too.
New reviews of my book:
      Places featured:
        • Kaleidotrope: My short story "Her Mother's Child" is in the summer issue.
           Reading progress:

          New singing performances:

          First of all there is my "Do It For Her" duet from Steven Universe (audio only).

          And for video karaoke: Here I'm singing "Gump" by Weird Al.

          New drawings:

          Story illustration for "Her Mother's Child."

          Webcomic Negative One Issue 0529: "Bewitched."

          New videos:


          New photos:  

          My new "Keep Beach City Weird" shirt. ;)

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