Saturday, July 18, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: July 11 – July 17

Life news this week: 
  • The big news of course is that I finished Bad Fairy 2's first draft on Saturday! It was 8,000-ish words of new material and it came out how I wanted, though the ending seems abrupt and I'll probably tweak it in editing. I'll get a test audience when I recover.
  • I pretty much literally spent Sunday in bed with coffee and snacks watching cartoons. That was my reward for finishing. I'm all caught up on Adventure Time! Oh and I went grocery shopping. That's something I usually do on Mondays but since I wouldn't be able to do that after work on Monday because of cartoons, I did it early. :)
  • Monday through Friday was the cartoon marathon thing which involved going to Jeaux's house EVERY DAY and watching the new episodes of Steven Universe on his giant screen. And I celebrated by making a different food that was inspired by older episodes of the cartoon show to share with Jeaux every day. It was so great! But in some cases required me to spend the evening doing food prep things. I will post my photos of it in the li'l photos section below.
  • We kinda didn't HAVE a real "Jeaux Day" this week because of the cartoon marathon, but we did our usual watching of America's Got Talent on Thursday. And we ordered pizza and breadsticks. It was pretty great. We also had a long day on Monday because another cartoon, Gravity Falls, was showing its first new episode in months and we wanted to watch that together too, so we took a burrito break between cartoons and talked for a few hours. Mostly about cartoons. Surprise.
  • I was inspired enough by one of the episodes this week to make another one of my music videos. :D (Gosh I had been hoping I'd eventually get to make this video because the lyrics are really appropriate for most of the song, but I didn't have enough footage of the associated characters. AND NOW I DO.) It's set to an Indigo Girls song.
  • My sister moved to North Carolina. I didn't get to see her before she left. I assume she was really busy with everything--I know how things are around moving!--but it was sad that I didn't get to give her a goodbye hug and see her. Though we don't actually see each other that often anyway, so I guess I'll just see her around the Interwebs.
New reviews of my book:
          Places featured:
            • Beach City Bugle featured my animated music video. :)
            • asexualkatherineplumber is a Tumblr user who posted a picture where she's excited about receiving my book. It's not a new post but I only saw it this week. :)
               Reading progress:

              New singing performances:

              Here I'm singing "Both Sides Now" by Judy Collins.

              New drawings:

              Webcomic Negative One Issue 0531: "The Next One."

              New videos:

              Just my music video for the Steven Universe cartoon show, "The Power of Two," set to Indigo Girls' "Power of Two" song. It's about the characters Ruby and Sapphire (and of course by extension Garnet, haha). They're such cute gay space rocks.


              New photos:  

              The monthly haircut comparison photo:

              February 2014
              July 2015
              February 2014
              July 2015

              Me with Cookie Cat:

              And here are my special foods, with me indicating which episode was on on the day I brought the snack. :) And like a giant nerd I'm wearing a different cartoon shirt every day too.


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