Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Traits

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What traits from your parents do you see in yourself?

I was raised by my biological mom and biological dad.


  •     I look like her.
  •     Sometimes I'm judgy. (I try not to be, but in some ways it's good.)
  •     I see people with needs and my first instinct is to do it for them, give it to them, help them if I can.
  •     I'm a language nerd.
  •     I need my house to be clean and organized. (I’m worse than her. And she doesn't can't do this anymore.)
  •     I'm really, really short.


  •     I'm musical. I sing and play instruments.
  •     I get cold easily.
  •     I'm nearsighted and have pale skin.
  •     I'm a language nerd.
  •     I like science fiction and nerdy stuff.
  •     I'm punctual and dependable.
  •     I'm allergic to pineapple.
  •     I can stick to regimens and schedules, and I'm good with money.
  •     I work too much.

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