Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Recommended Daily

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Experts recommend a variety of standards for typical daily life--from how much water you should drink to how much sleep you should get. What recommendations do you meet or exceed, and where do you fall short?

I guess I'll just look up some statistics that are along these lines and see where I fall.

Recommended calories per day: 2000

My calories per day: My nutrition readout that I keep averages 1300 calories for the past month, closer to 1200 if I go out two months. That sounds about right. 2000 sounds like a huge amount to me, but since that's the recommendation for an "average" adult woman and I'm much smaller than average, maybe that's why it's so low for me.

Recommended water per day: Seems to vary between 8 cups and 11 cups. (!!)

My water per day: I'm certain I do not drink what is recommended, and unfortunately there are days when I don't drink any plain water at all. If you actually look into what's recommended, it's fluid, not water specifically, that is on the recommendation list, and that includes fluid that's in food. But even considering that, I likely do not drink quite enough and I am probably short by several cups. That said, I don't have the symptoms of dehydration, and most more in-depth discussions of water-drinking say people should just drink when they're thirsty and not worry so much about hitting a specific fluid-intake goal. (All things considered, though, I absolutely should be drinking more water than I do, possibly in place of other things I'm drinking.)

Recommended sleep per day: 7 to 9 hours for adults in my age group.

My sleep per day: I usually get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep. If I get less than that I usually want a "nap" at a relatively typical bedtime and end up falling asleep like a dork. I get less sleep than I'm supposed to, but actually most of the time I seem okay on that. I'm not sure if I just think I'm okay on it because I'm used to it, though.

Not sure what other recommendations I should respond to. Let's see, I don't drink any alcohol so I'm surely at less than what's recommended. I stare at screens a lot so I'm sure my daily screen time is above what is recommended. I am somewhat active for a person with a desk job but my main exercise is walking to bus stops so it's probably less exercise than is recommended. I don't know if there's a recommended amount of caffeine you should avoid exceeding but I probably exceed it--I drink a lot of caffeine. I probably get less calcium and more salt than I'm supposed to. I journal daily, which probably doesn't have recommendations but, uh, I do that. Anything else I missed? *shrug*

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