Saturday, August 10, 2019

Personal Digest Saturday: August 3 – August 9

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I last-minute decided to go to Tampa Bay Comic Con. I did my blogging in the morning and got ready for the convention. I took my new plushie and dressed as Garnet. It was a nice little experience! They didn't have any of the comics I was hoping to find though. :/ Jeaux met me there a little while later. My friend Joy unexpectedly was there so I got to see her! Jeaux and I went out to IHOP later and had a good time.
  • Sunday I texted with my sister, cleaned my outside table, did laundry, and did usual Sunday chores. I played my ukulele and organized some galleries on my website. My mom called briefly to tell me about why her phone had been off and why we hadn't been able to get a hold of her, so that was a relief. Had a mostly relaxing day.
  • Monday I had a driver who played really gross music in the paid ride vehicle. Why don't they know not to do that? I finally got to start digging into some e-mails but I still have over 1600 in my box. Work didn't have anything super pressing to do but I did some RCI stuff. After work I played with my website more and practiced ukulele. And I got to talk to Meghan on the phone.
  • Tuesday was a little more activity at work and wrangling some timesheet stuff. After work I made some test cakes and learned about freezing cake. I also made a dish to incorporate the unused egg yolks (mixed into tofu and ramen) and I ended up eating it all. I played my ukulele and saw some spoilers about the upcoming Steven Universe movie. Oop!
  • Wednesday it rained and I got caught in it while riding the bus. I worked on a letter at work and also got caught in the rain on the bus ride home. Met up with Jeaux and we ate at Best NY Pizza and shopped at Target. We had time to watch some She-Ra before he went home and I went to sleep.
  • Thursday I didn't get much mail done sadly. Work was a little slow but I was able to do some writeups for questions outstanding on RCI. My friend Steve picked me up and we went out to eat at Evos, and then at home we talked for a long time like we usually do and watched five episodes of Steven Universe which spawned a long discussion afterwards. Hooray for that!
  • Friday I didn't have to go to the office because I had RCI training downtown. I went with my co-worker and we observed some discussion of how to categorize various roadway features. It wasn't very applicable to what I'm doing but at least I learned a few things. They ordered barbecue and it was not very vegetarian friendly but I did get to eat the macaroni and some apple cobbler. At home I finished my webcomic and went to sleep.
Diet progress:

Check out my nutrition readoutThe beginning of the week was steady but then I ate an entire pizza on Wednesday and had a lot of junk and well. Next week will probably be better. :D

Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: The trade paperback for the fifth volume of Steven Universe comics is out. It's called Find a Way. I gave it a five-star review on Goodreads.
    New singing performances:

    This week's karaoke song is "Cryin'" by Aerosmith.

    Stuff Drawn:

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0743: "The Greater Good."

    New videos:

    I recorded an unlisted ukulele practice video for the song "For Just One Day Let's Only Think About (Love)" from Steven Universe.

    New photos:

    There's a whole Tampa Bay Comic Con album on my photos site if you want to see the whole thing.

    Here are my favorites though, click the small to look at the big:

    I also have a couple cool collection-related pictures for you of comic variants and my new Steven Universe signed poster.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,247 for swankivy (2 new), 682 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 974 for swankivy (lost 2), 1,335 for JulieSondra (lost 2). Facebook: 293 friends (no change) and 205 followers (lost 1) for swankivy, 652 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 63 likes for Negative One (no change), 161 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,512 (1 new). Instagram followers: 187 (2 new).

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