Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Weird Interest

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What's an interest you have that people think is weird?

How about . . . babies?

I'm not a parent. Don't want to be a parent. Don't even want to be a babysitter or a daycare professional. But I really just like babies a lot!

There used to be this website that posted adorable baby pictures and I would share them and squeal over how cute they were. I just love pudgy baby cheeks and videos of babies doing super cute things.

I once had someone aggressively harass me over this, believe it or not. The person started a private conversation with me and explained to me that it is pathological to love babies you have no connection to if you've never had your own children. They insisted that the only reason parents have reactions to other people's children is that it's rooted in their own love for their children, and that people who aren't parents cannot have this and it makes no sense at all for us to have a response like that.

I was really baffled by that reaction, and I've certainly never had anyone else suggest liking babies is pathological behavior for non-parents, but people do sometimes think it's weird that I feel that way and yet don't want babies in my life in a more everyday context. I'll stick to remarking on their cuteness on diaper packages and watching baby videos sometimes on YouTube, thanks. ;)

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